Master bedroom day 4: vanity cushion

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There's not a lot of room at the foot of our bed. This little vanity stool was originally in our living room when I first bought it. It always seemed a bit awkward in the vacuous room. At some point it ended up in our bedroom- I think more to get it out of the way than a conscious design choice. It really seemed to work! Nothing too large to squeeze past, and still a spot to use for getting ready- especially now that we have a cushion for it!!
The former cushion for our headboard bench got cut up. 
It was a really dense piece of batting.  
A drop cloth that I plan to use for another upcoming project was able to spare some yardage. A simple ruffle and a bit of tufting...done. 

 Do you see anything different about this cushion?
It's all sewn in reverse!  What started out as an "oops" turned into a "hey, I kinda like how that looks!"

I'm calling it my deconstructed look.

Happy Tuesday, Friends.  
I hope to have more to post later in the week, but we have some out of town guests coming, and the hubby is gone most of the week on business.  Guess what I'm doing for the remainder of mine?
Looking forward to seeing my friend- we've known each other since kindergarten!


  1. Love the "deconstructed" chic! Happy accident!

  2. ok, i love the backside stitching. very in style and way cute.

  3. I love it! So cute. Don't you love it when mistakes turn out to be better than what we imagined our final product would be?
    Enjoy time with your guests, Alicia

  4. Oh so cute, the deconstructed look! BR is lookin' good! Have a great visit with friend!!

  5. Cute bench!!! It really looks like it belongs there! And yes, I like the deconstructed look, too! Some of my favorite project ideas started out as "oopsies!" Have fun with your girlfriend!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  6. Very pretty! I love your headboard too - I just may steal that idea :)


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