fun finds, all for me!

...well, for us.  ;)  
Fun finds for us.

I'm working on a project for our master bedroom today in hopes that I truly can say, yes, the reveal is this week instead of hoping, sorta promising, teasing....

I'm kinda excited about what I'm working on and really hoping it works out the way I'm envisioning.

Anyway, on Friday I stopped in at the shop to drop off some items, and while I was there I wanted to do my own shopping.

For a couple months now, I've been admiring this cute little gray and aqua wicker table that a vendor had in the front room.  Well, it was in a different location, and marked down to $4.99!  
Who could resist that?!  I nabbed it!

And while I was there, I also nabbed the current issue of Flea Market Style magazine.  (I guess I should stop saying 'nabbed'- sounds like I'm shoplifting or something.  I really did pay for these!)

It is a great issue, and there are several fun projects I'd love to try soon.  Plus, the cover feature is an Oregon home!

Here's the table in it's new spot.  I was not loving the little side table in here.  I think it will get a makeover and possibly go into my space.
On Saturday, after furniture delivery and set up, I was headed home and had noticed a house near us that was selling lots of COOL stuff.  I've always admired this little house because they have a neat little pond next to their place, and the window that faces the street looks like somebody's creative haven.  They must have been collectors /sellers too, because there was some pretty fantastic stuff.
Case in point:

This cute little table chandy had a paper shade in it (? why?) that had a pretty nasty burn mark on it from the bulb.  I pulled that out and my hubby convinced me we needed to keep it.  
Yep, it's why I married him!  He's got good taste!

I had planned to sell it in my space, but this definitely needed to stay.
Price on it?

And now it looks like this:



  1. I love the wicker table you scored, what a great price. I'd love to find something similar and give it a gold metallic makeover. A girl can dream huh?

  2. I am in love with that light and $5 wow. It is so nice whwen you can find such amazing pieces

  3.'ve got to tell me what store you got that wicker from. And I'll give you my number if you call next time your neighbor has a sale!!! Seriously, that little lamp is way too schnazzy, I would have nabbed it too. Not that I need it. Love your bargain finds!

  4. I love what you did with your terrific finds! The mercury glass ball is gorgeous too.

    Blessings, Linda

  5. Awesome finds, love that chandy!

  6. Can't wait to get that mag! Speaking of, I bought your Country Gardens ones :) Hoping for some inspiration!

  7. I really like all your latest finds! That was a bargain for that cute table and lamp. Your home looks so charming! I'm going to look at some more of your blog. Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself to me!


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