25 Things

It's so crazy to me how there are still times that I can see a blogger's logo over and over again, and think "yeah, I've checked that one out / I'm a follower" and realize, that in fact I never have.  

How have I missed some of you after all this time??!
Case in point, Perfectly Imperfect.  I saw Layla's post for this lovely girl, and ended up loving this little slice of blogland, and am now jumping in to her linky party!

Random stuff.  So fun, so me.
Here goes:

1.  I hate the words loaf, moist and crisp.  *shudder* it gives me the willies just to even write them here.  Some Moist Meatloaf with a Crisp top.  That just about sent me over the edge in gag land.

2. Just got a new computer last night!!!! SO excited.  You don't even know.  Our current one was purchased in 2004.  Ancient.  Some days it takes 3 minutes just for the internet to finally pop up once I've hit the button. I am not exaggerating.  Once I get all the important data transferred over I will be in rip city! :D

3. Least favorite foods: mushrooms, beets, oysters.  But especially mushrooms. Growing up, I lived near a mushroom growing plant, and it stunk bad.  You do know how they grow those things, right?

4. Turning the big 4-0 this year.  

5. I am not freaked out about it.  Kinda enjoying where I'm at and what I've learned so far.

6. I love the ballet.

7. People always think by looking at me (?) that I must like country music (you know, in those guessing games scenarios) I in fact, loathe country music.

8. My car is always called a "toaster", but I got it because I thought it looked more like an old English cab.  I love it!! I can haul all kinds of good junk home in it!

9. Zumba is my favorite workout.

10.  I should be getting ready to go right now.

11.  I have a very cautious personality.  It makes it hard for me to really open up and be myself when I blog.  I'm never quite sure who is reading it.....

12. 20th anniversary this year.  Yep, you do the math- turning 40, married 20 years.....I was a young 'un and I wouldn't change a thing.

13.  There are a lot of groupings of 3's around our house.  Just a reminder of how happy I am with our little family.

14. I love foggy days.  Especially in December.  Makes me think of snow coming.  Even though it doesn't.

15. All of my best friends have sisters.  I was always fascinated by that dynamic growing up, since I had a brother. 

16. I am afraid to snorkel.  I don't like swimming in water with fish.

17. Someday I'd love to have a shop with all kinds of fun power tools.  A chop saw, band saw, spray booth....

18. A bible study at our church started two weeks ago.  I went to the first one, and looking at my calendar, I have no idea when I will be able to go back!  :(  *guilt*

19. Our pug, Bella, is very much my second baby.  I do get offended when people say pugs are so ugly they're cute.  Um, no, she's just cute.

20. When I was younger, I was self conscious about my laugh.  One day I just realized, who cares?  It's laughing.  I know it's probably loud and obnoxious at times, but way more fun just to let loose.

21. In middle school, I was bullied on a church ski retreat.  It bothered me for so many years.  Quite traumatic. Not fun to have an entire back half of a bus giving you the bird because some guy happened to sit next to you on the way home.  (who by the way never even talked or looked at me. I was clueless)

22. There are piles of items around my house that I have no clue what to do with.  But it's an organized pile.  That sounded a little hoarder-ish just now.

23. Funniest thing on TV last night: "New Girl"- with Schmidt saying "youthzzz" over and over. We kept hitting rewind.

24. I have had broken bathroom light fixtures in our master bath for over a year. It's driving me nuts.  

25. I can't text the little U R 2 L8 stuff.  I guess I'm showing my age by feeling the need to type it all out properly.  I do LOL though.  ;)  Hey, that kinda ties into #20.

Well, thanks for a little self indulgence today.  I didn't have a ton of time for much else with the double furniture project going on and desperately needing to get a workout in!!


  1. I hate to snorkel with the fishes too. Hubs and I were on a trip in Aruba and I couldn't get myself to get into the water with the mask on. He couldn't understand it. I don't like to see what I am swimming with no matter how beautiful it may be.

  2. Your first and last ones really made me LOL! I can so relate to the last one. I like to type it all out properly. The first one just struck me as funny. Actually I can relate to a lot of what you had to say. I turned 40 last year (love it!). I just got a new macbook pro (LOVE IT!). I really dislike beets and oysters(yuck). I love foggy days. I have a "big laugh" and I do not try and contain it. I've had a broken hot water handle in my master bath for years, I can't commit to a new style. I made my husband to move it to his sink, he's a sweetie.
    Loved reading all about you!



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