who wants a Square reader?

One of my very favorite products as a new business owner is Square!

If you've never heard of Square, it is a device that you attach to your smart phone and it allows you to accept credit card payments through their app and a small plug in swiper.  I have been using mine for a few months now and it has had dramatic increases in my sales.

Did you know the creator of Twitter is also the founder of Square?

Another bonus that I really like about Square is that they charge only 2.75% per swipe,
which is less than Pay Pal.  

This little device has allowed me to meet off site clients and accept payments, on the spot.

Do you have a direct sales / party business?  Maybe a new business, but you can only accept cash or checks? Or, maybe this is the year you delve into having a booth at a flea market or sale.  Either way, you will love using this!

Here's the scoop.  I am excited about this product, and I would like to "gift" a Square reader to one of my readers.  A great way to kick off the new year for a small business.

All you have to do is be the first to comment below that you'd like to get the Square reader!

Did you just miss being first?  No worries, you can still go to the website and order one for free.
The app is also free, and very easy to download.
If you'd like more info on Square, you can click here.

Just a little gift from me to you, because I am excited about where it's taking me in my little entrepreneurship.

Happy New Year, and wishing you new heights in your business!

All opinions and endorsements are my own.  I was not contacted by Square for this giveaway.


  1. Denise I have used square for a few months now--I love it too!!!!...it is great for using at shows. But the main reason I got it was because I get several phone orders from customers that want to use a credit card, and paypal charges $30 a month for the same thing that you can get free with square.
    But everyone should know up front that you have to have an I-phone or android phone.

  2. let me start off by saying...i don't want the square, but when i did sell a few crafty things with a friend in a show, she used it for the both of us. neat little thing, and yes, her sales were dramatically helped!

  3. I would love one!!! I am going to do my first shabby flea a local fair in April


  4. I have had my square for about a year now, was using in on my ipod but unfortunately some places don't have wifi so I just bought an iphone and I LOVE the functionality it brings. I am glad you love yours and it is helping you as well! *hugz* ~Elizabeth

  5. Denise- this is such a good idea. I have never heard of them before! But, I am the Wilma Flintstone of the midwest, so it doesn't surprise me. Keep going with your biz! andrea@townandprairie (ps, I love my Christmas towel!!)


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