living room changes

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes yesterday! I had a great day of shopping and eating!!

One of the nicest surprises yesterday was finding that the Graphics Fairy featured my 'Good Day' dresser! wow! She really made my day  :)

I would also be remiss in saying that I won a giveaway a week and a half ago from Melanie at the Frosted Gardner- a Ramsign house number.  Words cannot even express how excited I am to get the new and chuck the old! I was never impressed with the selection that the builder put up, so this will be much more 'me".  I hope to show you the switcheroo after it arrives!

With all of the swapping, and making over of the office, I figured it was time for a living room update.
I really wish I had the first photo of how this room looked.
It has morphed several times in the past three years, steadily improving with each makeover.


Here's how it's looking today.  If you missed the earlier posts on swapping out the shelving for the new rope shelves, you can see a quick look here:

unpainted, in messy office

primed, in new space

Stage 1
  You can see where we've come so far.  The dark leather chairs have been swapped out for two non matching chairs.  This really lightened up the feel of the room, and created a ton more space.

I lined the back of all the shelves with vintage sheet music.  I toyed around with the idea of some decorative papers in colors, but since I had this on hand, I decided to be frugal.  Plus, the graphic and subtle look of the paper would blend in better with everything else already going on here.

I stacked the baskets for a textural and visual break from the pastels and white. It adds warmth to the room too.  The clock was made by my grandpa. The two shabby chic plates are one of my favorite finds- I got a set of four from a thrift shop.  They are perfectly faded and go great with the colors in here!  I really need to get some more Disc Hangers so the plates don't have the wire hangers showing....

Across from the clock and baskets is this little side table.  Not much has changed here, but I did a little rearranging and added in this stack of bundled vintage letters.  I got these from a tag sale.  They are letters from a sister to her physician brother in Oregon City, Oregon.  I haven't read them. The lady who was selling these told me about the history.  Someday I might read them.  But for now I like the mystery of the details.  ;)

I'm toying with the idea of painting this table white, but we'll see....what do you vote for? Wood or white?

My grandma's milk glass vase, mercury glass votive, and the rocks are still here.  I just love them.
It might look like a pile of gray rocks to you, but for me, they are a reminder of the last time I visited my BFF in Carlsbad, California.  The beach was loaded with them, and I think about the visit with her.

My grandma's vintage buttons that I played with as a child.  So many pretty and interesting ones, they fill in for candy in my tiered holder.

The only change to the writing desk is the frame above it.  One of the oval mirrors that I added above the two shelves used to be above the desk.

And for the final overview (literally!)

This is the view from the staircase.  The addition of the mirrors behind the glass hurricanes is an update I am really enjoying.  It needed something there, but I didn't want anything too fussy.
As much as I love my turquoise coffee table, I am working on a new one to replace it.  It's round, and those puppies are hard to find- I snagged one at a thrift shop with a price tag that couldn't be beat.

 Even though the changes to this room are better, I'm sure this won't be the last morph this room will see.  I'm still not 100% satisfied with it, but it's coming along! 
(maybe it's in my nature that I never will be satisfied with it???)

Have a great Tuesday, see you tomorrow for Transformations and Treasures!

party ideas from one of my favorite sites!

Today's the day. 
My birthday. 
It's kinda significant.
My last birthday in my 30's.  Hmmmm......

I look forward to birthdays, and this year is no exception.
I just have my eyes set on something else coming up very soon! 
One of my very favorite sites that I discovered shortly before I started blogging, is Hostess with the Mostess.
It is jam packed with beautiful, bright and fun photos, and ideas galore.
Plus, it has printables, recipes, drinks, and where to buy.

This lemonade themed party is just gorgeous!! Love the hanging parasols, and the bright and cheery colors.  It just makes me smile.

Lemonade Stand Soiree Tablescape

Don't you just love how even Twinkies look elegant in this setting?
(bottom right....)

Beautiful Table & Drinks

I have a set of these very same glasses- just so pretty with a little vintage nod.
This next party theme is for a little girl's birthday, but I still like the woodland fantasy idea!

Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood Woodland Birthday Party

Little Red Riding Hood Woodland Birthday Party
The earthy colors and pops of red- so fun! There's a tutorial on some super yummy looking chocolate cupcakes with a pistachio topping.  Mmmmmm!

Jack Daniels 40th birthday theme:
I'm not into whiskey, but this theme cracked me up!! The adaptation for a milestone birthday is perfect.  Not to mention the menu:
Jack Daniel's inspiration board
So creative.  I hope Jack was surprised.  And didn't mind the "old" bit...   LOL!
Jack Daniel's party graphics

Gorgeous colors, simple ideas... this is why I love this blog!  (plus, you had me at the ball fringe...)
turquoise glasses, the mossy grassy pots packed in bright modern vases...LOVE!
Spring theme:

Modern Centerpiece - Pattern + Color

Spectacular bouquet- this would be gift enough in my book.

Modern Centerpiece - Pattern + Color

Modern Centerpiece - Pattern + Color

If you haven't been to Hostess with the Mostess, I hope this inspires you to add them to your lineup of blog love.  Daily inspiration for creative ideas!

Their latest?  Royal wedding theme...  ;)

And just because, here's my favorite rendition of the birthday song- from my favorite era.


Happy Easter!

~from our home to yours!
He is Risen!

Easter 2010


magic marshmallow puffs

My friend Lois is an amazing baker- she always comes up with the best and yummiest stuff, and seems to have a knack for making her baked goods better than anyone else!

I'm sharing a recipe that she gave me a few years ago- these ooey gooey, finger licking little pastry puffs are heavenly. 
I've served these at Easter dinner as an alternative to sweet rolls.
Make lots!  They don't last long!  :)

Magic Marshmallow Puffs
Puffs: 1/4 c. sugar
2 T flour
1 tsp cinnamon
2 8oz refrigerated crescent rolls
16 large marshmallows
1/4 cup butter, melted

Glaze: 1/2 c. powdered sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla
2-3 tsp. milk

Heat oven to 375 degrees. Spray 16 muffin cups generously with nonstick cooking spray. 
In a small bowl, combine sugar, flour and cinnamon.  Separate dough into 16 triangles. 
Dip one marshmallow in butter covering completely, then roll in sugar mixture.

Place marshmallow on shortest side of triangle.  Roll up, starting at shortest side of triangle and rolling to the opposite point.  Completely cover marshmallow with dough, firmly pinch edges to seal. Dip one end in remaining butter. Place butter side down in muffin cup.  Repeat with all.
Bake for 12-15 minutes until golden brown.  Remove from oven and cool one minute.  Drizzle glaze over warm rolls.

The magic is when you bite into these!  Pouf! The marshmallow has disappeared and it is a soft, sweet gooey roll.

springtime in our home

For us Oregonians, this is day two of sunshine!!! Those of you who live in the warm sunny climates have no idea how happy we get to have consecutive days without the gray skies!

I was going to go to yoga this morning, but opted instead to take a walk with Miss Bella and enjoy the chirping birds and sun on my face.
Therapy for the soul.

I have been meaning to get out our Easter decor for the last three weeks, but there have been other projects going on so I'm just now getting around to it. 

Over the weekend, the lady who had the space next to me at the faire had a papier mache lamb. 
I have been searching for something exactly like this for two years (yes, really)
so I definitely had to have him.  I actually bought it for our Christmas decorations!  You'll have to wait a few months to see that....
I added the cross into the vignette- it was also a Christmas decoration that I purchased from Target a few years ago. I layered some vintage books from Jon's grandpa who was a minister, under it.
The daffodils are from the farm I wrote about here.
A spring time ribbon with fun, childlike words are tied around the lamb's neck. 
 The eggs are real- I blew out the yolks and then dyed them so I would have them to save for future Easter decor.  Have you ever tried that?
I also added in some small pearl ornaments (I'm sensing a theme that my Easter and Christmas decor are really crossing over here!!)

For our front door, I have an egg wreath that I purchased when Mervyn's was still around.  Post Easter, I got it for $1.99. 
My intention was just to take down our everyday twig wreath and put up the new one, but I decided to layer it and like it so much more!
Some pansies and mini daffodils....

In rearranging our dining room centerpiece, I had to move my glass jars, so I tried them over on our buffet in our great room.

The statue has been here for a little while- purchased from TJ Maxx and spray painted white.
I just love seashells- it doesn't matter what time of year!

I corralled all of the jars with a tray. The moss is staying in them because it works with the green in the print and looks springy!  We collect wine corks from all of our get togethers and special events here.  I have another larger one in the dining room.  To me, it's a keepsake of good memories.

I just love the chippy paint!

Do you decorate a lot or a little for Easter?
Enjoy your Tuesday~ I hope sunshine is finding you!

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my space at the weekend faire

What a fun and exhausting weekend!
I met some really nice vendors, had a blast setting up, and sold some pieces I showed you here in the last couple weeks.

I had a primo spot- my space was visible as soon as you walked in the door.  (thanks Sarah!!)
The faire was held at Mission Mill Museum- a historical venue here in Salem. 
Here's what it looked like. 

I was so grateful my friend Lois was able to help me with set up! It made things go so much more smoothly and helped to have an extra pair of eyes to see how to put things together.

This was part of the view from the entrance.  The hosts of this event made all of the tissue flowers that you see here- hanging from the ceiling beams and on these massive curly willow branches. 
Really beautiful!

This corner was my aqua set  :)

The back of my space:

I definitely need to get some creative ideas for my table dressing.  It worked, but it wasn't as pretty as some of the other vendors who clearly have been doing this for awhile!

One of my last minute additions to the inventory was this little French label apothecary jar.  It sold, as did the filigree cameo bottle that I talked about in a previous post.

This is a little peek at the center of the room.  So many fun goodies!

As you entered the room, guests were greeted with this stunning glass house.  Two 8 week old bunnies were nestled inside waiting to go home with somebody. 
(I really resisted saying somebunny! ha!)
Sarah built this from an inspiration picture she had on file.  You can see it here.

Aren't they the sweetest? I got to pet the tan one while we were setting up. 
Can you believe these little cuties are litter box trained??  I didn't even know that was possible! 
Both of the bunnies went home with someone- and she also bought the lovely glass house.  Lucky girl!

I am happy to say that my first sale was for my faux French grain sack chair that I featured here.
The lady who bought it liked it because her maiden name was on it!
My sheet music mirror, seaside cottage sign, and dresser all went home with buyers as well.
I was really happy with the results from the weekend! 
My Etsy shop desperately needs to be restocked, so I will be able to do that this week.
Thanks for letting me share my excitement over this venture... I'm already looking forward to more like this!

Have a fantastic week!

"good day"-dresser before and after

I am totally pooped after my set up day! 
I got a few pictures of the dresser makeover that I showed you earlier in the week. 
(Yes!  I did get it done!!)
I was really pleased with how it turned out given the fact that I was able to complete it in four days.

Here's the end result:

Here was the before in all of it's brown-ness. 
Brown paint, brown pulls....

I used Behr's Ultra.  It covered really well; but I did sand the piece and put two coats of primer on it prior.
Since it was a pretty simple dresser, I glammed it up with the glass knobs.  But it still needed something.  I used the bird and banner graphic from the Graphics Fairy and then still thought it needed more.

A simple "good day" was stenciled on two of the other drawers.  I just used craft paint and discovered a happy accident!  See the distressing on the lettering?

It wasn't intentional.
I was actually trying to wipe away some of my pencil marks with a Clorox cleaning wipe! 
I kinda like the result!  :)
Sometimes the best discoveries come from a mistake.

That's all I have for now.  I'm pretty wiped out. 
But happy.

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shoe form coat rack

This project has been waiting in the wings since January- not really sure why, but I finally completed it yesterday!

I saw an idea similar to this a long time ago, and now I don't know where...maybe Country Living mag?
When I was on one of my shopping trips, I came across a pile of these wooden shoe forms and took all the ones that appealed to me.  Then, I went searching for some old barn wood, and found some pieces at my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.
A few drill holes, some screws, and some paint, and this is what I created:

One of my favorite things are the numbers.  Everyone can have their own hook. And the wood grain makes the numbers have even more character.

I just love it!  So fun, so vintage and so unique! 
Wouldn't this be great in a boys room, or by the front door?

This will be going into my inventory for the weekend.
My day will be filled with more projects- looking forward to it!
I'm off to the hardware store for more supplies for my dresser makeover.

I hope to see you tomorrow at Transformations and Treasures~

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fun weekend finds

Like an addict, I couldn't stay away. 
This week is crunch week with preparations for the show, but if you're like me, no matter how much inventory you have, there's always room for more!

I came home with some stuff that I'm so excited about.
Just as I was about to leave with my purchases from thrifting, I spotted this adorable little wagon.  There was no way I could leave him behind.  Too cute- and it just says spring to me!

The slatted sides really lift out too.  Wouldn't this be cute with some potted flowers by the front door? (kinda why I shot it this way)
If I thought Bella would have let me, I would've attempted to get her standing in it with her paws on the handlebars, but I was sure that wasn't going to happen!

I also scored some amazing shabby chic sheet fabric again!  Now I have a pink option for pillows as well.  Loving this!!

Besides the floral pillows I'm working on for the show, I made up a faux French grain sack look. 

Very excited about this one!  Fleur de lis are my favorite....

I'm not sure why, but I am really taking an interest in these old wooden shoe forms.  This is the fourth one I've come across in the last few months, and I grab them every time.  They make for interesting bookends:

or just sculptural art:

Pretty fun huh?  The warmth of the wood is just beautiful.

This sizeable mid century jewelry box was a great find.  Red velvet lining, and it reminds me so much of the one my grandma had.  There is a ton of storage in this piece!

I was mostly on the hunt for a bigger piece for my space, and came home with this dresser.  The lines are great, and I am going to really have to get my rear in gear to get this done in time! Am I crazy for thinking I can get this done in a few days??  I guess we'll see.

Should be a busy and fun week.  If you didn't see the info on my Facebook fan page, and are thinking about going to the Spring Heritage Faire, you might want to purchase tickets soon- they are going quickly. Friday night's tickets can be purchased through Danner and Soli at Mission Mill.  Saturday's tea tickets can be purchased via Paypal at Roost Reimagined

 Friday night's presale wine and appetizer night looks incredible!  You can check out the menu and vintner here.

Have a great Monday!