Christmas nook- a look at last year and today

I came across a photo from last year's decor for our nook. It wasn't much, and I had hopes of making this a more finished look by 2011.

Here's how it looked last year.

And today:
I'm so glad it is a completed space instead of a nearly empty wall! Still simple, but a more useful area. (and a MUCH prettier chandelier over the table this year!! I disliked the previous one so much I strategically shot it sans light fixture....)

I'm looking forward to sharing more of my favorite projects of 2011 next week!


  1. Looks so pretty--both years. I have a bunch of projects to share next week too--can't show them now because they're gifts!

  2. It looks beautiful and charming! I'm so happy some bloggers are continuing to share. There just wasn't enough time between Thanksgiving and Christmas to post, let along read other posts!


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