my booth at the Heritage Holiday Faire 2011

This officially marks my one year anniversary of doing shows. I am so happy at all I have learned and accomplished in one year's time! Last year I had a few sparse items I put in the commission only section of the show. This year, I had a booth jam packed full.
 (sorry about the messy sale table- I had just finished set up, and still had a few essentials sitting out....)

We rented a U-Haul this time- we had rain showers all weekend, and I wanted to load as much as possible the night before. It was totally worth it.

One of my most popular items was the Bailey Brothers Building and Loan vintage window /sign. I could've had a dozen of these and sold them all. The first one sold before the show opened- to another vendor. She was gracious enough to let me keep it in my booth. I now have special orders for two more.

My wine bags were also a big hit. I only had three for the show and they were gone Friday night. I also have orders for more.

One of my favorite items I made for the show was my winter welcome porch sign. It also went home with a sweet lady. This was such a fun sign to make!! I wish I could've done a few more.  I got to learn how to use a nail gun.  I so want one now.

At the Deepwood show, I met a really nice vendor, Pam from Peonies and Possibilities. We got to be neighbors again! :) it was fun to chat with her between customers. So sweet and such a fun girl. We're making plans to do some future shopping trips!

The "Gray Gardens" dresser sold.  It went home with a mom to be  :)

The small hutch finally got finished the day before the show.  I learned how to replace glass! It was much simpler and not as expensive as I'd anticipated.  Love learning new things.  Lots of interest, no takers yet....

Some fun Christmas items that were a blast to put together.
I got this cute elf graphic from the Graphics Fairy:

I sold out of most of my German glass glitter at the end of the show (thanks Sarah!!  :)  )
But I have more that will be going into Etsy very soon. Including a few items you see here:

This shell wreath was the only "wreath" I did this year.  I always like to come up with something unique.  The shell tray was something I picked up over the summer, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.  Here it is:
It sold Sunday afternoon, and I was glad- this wouldn't do very well with shipping so I knew it would not be going into my Etsy shop.

The entire show was absolutely amazing.  It was on the third floor of the Mission Mill Heritage Center.  I've posted on this venue before.  Pam, Sarah, and Shirleen, who organized the show, did an incredible job with many months of planning.  There is a glass elevator that took guests to the main room, and we heard several comments that it was just jaw dropping to come in and feel like they were stepping into Christmas.

There was a large 'shop' in the middle in addition to all the vendor booths.  I loved the pallet walls and trees that made up this area!

Stunning.  Most of the items above are Roost ReImagined- there are a few others sprinkled in since this is also where the commission only sellers contributed as well.

My last photo is of the sale table I built just before the show:

I'd been using a vintage rolling file cabinet, but it was just too small.  This size was perfect- I had hangers for my bags, and a spot for tissue to wrap purchases.   The legs came from Goodwill, and the top are fence boards.  
I may consider adding a skirt- just enough to show the legs, but also to hide necessary items underneath!

An exhausting, fun and amazing weekend.  I'm so excited to take a break from shows until 2012, but now I need to fill up the Etsy shop!


  1. It all looks so nice Denise! I'm not surprised that you sold so much.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I love it all! You did a fabulous job with putting your booth together. Everything flows so well and draws your eye right in. It's no wonder you sold out of so much. Great job on the table, so much easier to have some space to spread out.

  3. Loads of lovely items; you are so talented!

  4. Everything is beautiful and you displayed it so nicely. I sure your thing were a hit. Congrats on so many sales:)

  5. It looks wonderful! I wish I could have come shopping at your booth...:)

  6. What a show stopper booth. Great job. Seems like you did very well!!! Awesome!

  7. Thanks for letting us all take a photo-stroll thru your show!

    Loved the elf from GF you used for your orniment too!

    Visiting from BRAG MONDAY at GraphicsFairy today,
    ~Suzanne in NW ILLINOIS
    at WhyCuziICan

  8. Your booth looked so cute, there are so many things I love. I can see why so much sold - it was beautifully presented!

    Take care,

  9. Congrats on your successful year! I would have jumped on the Bailey Building and Loan sign! Genius! (Might just have to make one for myself!) I also love the "25" pillow. Stop on by for Club G.W. when you get a chance ~ yo've been featured!


  10. Your booth looks so pretty! My you have been busy creating fabulous things! Enjoy a nice well deserved rest this winter :)
    Glad your show was a success!!

  11. LOOK at all of your pretties !! If only I lived close by ... many of those goodies would be going home with me. Congrats !!


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