more fun with Rub N Buff

A couple weeks ago I showed you some of the changes I was making to the living room.  One desperately needed item was a lamp.  ( I still need another one....)  This little beauty was something I picked up at Goodwill for $9.99, and I liked the shape and size of it.  Yesterday, we had a bit of sun and 50 degree weather, so it was frantic painting-get-it-done-day.  I don't know when I will have the combo of dry and 'warm' again for awhile!!
So you will probably see a few little projects come to fruition in the next few days thanks to a sunny afternoon!
First, I painted the lamp white.  
Here was the before:

Rub N Buff made another appearance on this project, and here's a little peek into how you use it.

The info on the product says you can just use your finger to get the wax on, but I have enough paint and goo on my hands right now, so I used a rag to apply!

It dries pretty quickly,  so work in sections.  
Squeeze a small amount of the wax onto your applicator of choice   ;)   and dot or rub onto the item you're working on.  A quick, light hand works best.

Once you have it applied, you can rub in the product a little more, and it mellows to a beautiful sheen!
I used the Antique Gold once again, and I really love it.  When you buff it up, it has a silvery undertone to the gold.
I am considering adding some of this ribbon to the shade, but I'm still playing around with it.  
What do you think?  I'm liking the colors, but I'm considering a trim with a little more glamour....hmmm.

Before I sign off, I  wanted to say thank you to those of you joining in my adventures.   We turned another milestone on the ol' Followers odometer.  :)
Have a great Wednesday!


  1. I like the ribbon you have chosen. I think it will go well with the gold rub n buff:)

  2. White really does make everything seem just a little bit nicer, doesn't it? Call me crazy but I'd skip the ribbon and leave it as is.


  3. Your lamp looks great. I would use the trim if you have other blue things in the room
    I love rub 'n buff stop by for a blog visit and see how I have used it.

  4. not loving the ribbon choice with the prints. i think a fun burlap ribbon could look good....

  5. I always love some stripy ribbon...go for it!

  6. Ohhh....I really like this and I think I could actually do it. Thanks for sharing.


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