Laundry room chandelier

Pendant? Chandelier? Lantern?
Either way, I think our new laundry room lighting is so much more fun than the ugly, plain fluorescent light that was there before! A few weeks ago I posted about this dated but full-of-possibilities chandelier. I got it for $3.50 and wanted to transform it to the look of this high end chandelier.
A little selective spray paint in a pretty aqua, and removing the glass panels gave this a similar look that I was going for.

I am quickly realizing that I just created another major project by installing this fixture.  Yep, the beige paint has got to go!!
 Our laundry room is also right off of our bright white new kitchen so....maybe another cabinet project.  *sigh*  After the rainy season is over though!!

Here's what it looked like before:

The giant UFO fluorescent.

The lantern in it's before state:

I tossed the glass, making it open like the inspiration photo:

And now, my mini version!

I think I'm going to switch out the bulbs to frosted so it's not so glaringly bright, but I think this is such a fun look to a workhorse area!
Maybe a little cord cover in the future too...


On a personal note, I wanted to let you know that if you are coming to the show this weekend, I may not look quite like my profile photo!

 It's a shock every time I walk past a mirror and see all the dark!  I like it ok, but it was supposed to have more blonde on the top layer- like this, from my Pinterest board:

So if you see me in person, look for the brunette.  ;)
Happy Wednesday.


  1. Hah! I love that you saved $676! :)

  2. That is fabulous, I love the transformation you made.

  3. I like the light! Looks great! Being Brunette isn't ALL that bad! :-) I like the new look!

  4. The color looks great on you Denise!
    And your light is so pretty - love the color.

  5. Love the hair! Oh, and the light too. :@

  6. Brunettes have fun too...your hair looks great!
    Great job on the the color! You are one busy lady must be exhausted. Best wishes for you at your show!

  7. Love it, love it! I really like these old lantern redos.

  8. the chandelier in your laundry room. You are so creative. Love the hair.


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