it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas- weekend wrap up

Don't hate me.  
I love Thanksgiving!!  I am one of those people who loathe 'skipping' Thanksgiving in order to hurry up and get to Christmas.  But, since I have a holiday show coming up in two weeks, I have a lot of Christmas going on around here.  We had a three day weekend so I had lots of time to work.  I even put on some Christmas music while I was working to get inspired, and it helped, but it felt so wrong.  (Normally this time of year I like to listen to Sirius' 40's on 4- all the same classic singers I like at the holidays but no Christmas music!)

Picked up my furbaby from her knee surgery.  It was just pitiful.  They made her wear the cone of shame.
:(  I take it off as much as possible, but sometimes she is trying to get at the wound, so on it goes for a bit.  Played nurse to her, and will continue for the next few weeks.
Our daughter's birthday is coming up, so I had to book a reservation and get that ball rolling.  (no pun intended- we're having a bowling party!)

I also went into ReStore and picked up this chippy old window- I am painting a replica from a beloved Christmas movie....can you guess which one?

Busy busy busy!
My hubby was on a crazy fast Seattle work trip, so he was gone most of the day.  I got a TON of stuff done.  Including a quick trip before he left to scan a salvage shop for some booth ideas, and hitting an Estate sale.  I came home with this beauty.  It will be going to the sale with me!

 A beautifully weathered gray / blue farmhouse bench.
This one is so hard for me to let go of.  I've been wanting a bench like this for years!
And it would make a great front porch coffee table.....

Believe it or not, with all of the stuff I got done this weekend, this table is significantly less cluttered than it was just a couple days ago.  I'm really trying to stay on top of my show items- once they are completed, tagging them and putting them in bins for easy storage and mobility in a couple weeks.  I'm so last minute it's not even funny.  See the chenille bedspread in the foreground- Estate Sale!  It will make a great table covering for shows.
 don't you have a large work table to do all of your stuff? you may be thinking?

It's full too.
I know the photos aren't that glamorous- but I promise I will be showing you lots more 'pretty' pictures once I have more completed and time to photograph them.  
I did finish up some more of the German glass glitter sparrows:

 Glittering is becoming quite the deal around here.  Our house is very twinkly.

I worked on some cute little table top vignettes- displays that will also be going to the show with me.

I picked up this wooden stand a few weeks ago at the barn sale I told you about on my Facebook page. A sheet music 'skirt' and some silver trim- thanks Michelle!  I'm still using it, and just replacing the roll you sent me last year!  :)
Those mid century plastic deer are from Estate Sale #2 that I went to late Saturday!  I've been looking for some for all the Christmas goodies, and I was so fortunate to find some before the Faire.

Normally we go to church, but my hubs got home at 3 am, and even with Daylight Savings, it was just a good day to rest.  
I had a Craigslist buyer come by to look at a piece of furniture.  It was a no go, and I was kinda bummed.  Mostly because I'd like to move some of it out of my garage and the extra cash would've been nice to reinvest into product.  I did however sell something from my Etsy shop, so I'll be heading to the post office shortly to mail that out.  
Here's another piece of furniture I've been working on:

It's 80% done- a piece of glass to replace on one side, new hardware, and a couple touch ups.  I'm really liking it though.  I lined the back with some Shabby Chic paper.  Lots of pinks and grays in a damask print.

This was a milk paint project, and there are some subtle aqua  undertones around the edges.

*sigh*  so much to do- it seems like there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done!
I read a MMS post over the weekend on letting some things go.  It seems like so many of us have a ton to keep up with- between blogging, businesses, family life, and other commitments, large and small.  I appreciated her sharing what she's doing to make her life more manageable.  I sometimes wonder if I will ever have a clean house.

On my own personal note, I have been researching local shops to get my stuff into.  There were a couple that I really hoped would work out, but the rent was so high, it made me nervous to take that leap.  I'm doing really well at shows so far, and I've only been doing it for a year.  For now, I plan on continuing that path, and keep my eyes open for opportunities.  My gut was just telling me to wait on anything more.  
I'll just keep praying about the right place, and hope that I can be successful in the next step.
I was so inspired by Vintage Junkies' story that she posted a few days ago.  I have a very similar dream of having a little shop someday with a workspace to complete projects.   
Time will tell if that is to be.  But for now, I'm going to pump in the caffeine, and get in a good workout to offset the craziness and my long to do list that needs to be done in less than two weeks!!

Have a great Monday!


  1. I can hardly wait to see all your creations displayed in your space. It looks like you've gotten quite a bit done(love the glittered birds!). Good luck with your sale!

  2. i know it will all come together beautifully. you have such cute stuff. get some sleep!!

  3. Oh my goodness girl you have been VERY busy!! I am loving all your projects and I thought of you the other day at Target when I saw the ribbon. :) I hope you can find a place that is right for you, that would be a great adventure. Good luck with everything, you are doing amazingly so far.

  4. I'm exhausted just listening to you!!! I have never done a show, but my friends that do say they are more profitable than a booth. So, I say stick with your gut, and we can both dream about our own little shop one day with a work room in the back!


  5. Wow!!! Your craft area looked so cozy and festive! You've been busy.

  6. You should be very proud of all you've accomplished. I need to get my butt in gear.


  7. I'm so proud of you! You got so much done!! I'm looking forward to some more pictures of your creations.

  8. Love that window! It really is my all time favorite movie EVER!


  9. what a busy day! everything in your blog are so lovely!.... love your ideas.... such an artist!


  10. Enjoyed this post!

  11. Hi Denise,

    Wow!! You are super-woman! Look at all you've done!!

    It must be amazing to see all your hard work coming together. Well done!



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