my living room obsession

After the post I wrote a few days ago, I kinda got fixated on getting the living room 'fixed'.

When I was in high school and college, I couldn't start my homework until my room was tidy.  It was just too distracting to study and work when there was stuff laying around. 

That's pretty much what happened with the living room.
It was too distracting, and I just couldn't handle it anymore!!!
The last thing in the world that I needed to be doing over the weekend was working on this space- I have so many other projects that need attention.  

But here's what I did, and I am so excited about where this is headed!
 One thing I knew for sure- I was going to switch the curtains to a solid white, and lift the rod closer to the ceiling.

Oh my word.  Talk about a dramatic difference!  We both keep walking past / through the room now, and shaking our heads saying Wow!
It's crazy how doing something like this has already had a huge impact.  Here was the before pic: (ironically, almost exactly a year ago!)

They are 130" long.  That is massive.  I had to make them because you pay a premium for that much fabric if you plan on buying ready made.  These are a simple cotton, and I was able to find fabric that was 120" wide too, so it adds some nice width and drape.  I think I only needed a little over 6 yards, and because it is cotton (probably for quilting) it was very inexpensive and on sale to boot! ($5.59 / yd ) So for around $35 vs. a few hundred dollars, I feel like I dun good.  :)

Next, I kept studying my inspiration pic:  

My hubby was on board with this look and it was my favorite as far as layout.  So I started obsessing thinking about what I could do for inexpensive, large wall art.
While I was out thrifting on Friday, I found this vintage mirror.

Very simple, but obviously it has some character.  It was marked $6.99, but because it had a tag with the color of the day, I got it half off!!
It wasn't a huge piece, but I realized this would be the anchor.  Then I bought a beautiful botanical calendar I'd seen at Paper Zone.  I framed all of my selections by beefing them up and mounting them to a larger board.

I just love the look.  It makes me so happy now!!
In addition to the mirror, I bought this lamp at Goodwill.

It was tall, in good shape, and I liked the look. It was $9.99.  The lamp shade I bought ( $6.99) was just too dark once I got it home, so I swapped it out for a similar one I had in white in the entry way. 

I hope to paint it, and keep some of the gold accents.
Speaking of gold accents, the last project of the weekend was highlighting my shelf above the window.  I've had this for about a year now, and when I bought it, it was a greenish gold.  I immediately white washed it, but went overboard.  It hid all of the detail.  Last weekend I tried distressing it a little, and that definitely helped.
And then I decided to try something I've read a little bit about in blogland-
Rub n Buff!

I think I could become obsessed with this stuff too! So fun and amazing results.  I used antique gold, and now you can see all of the beautiful details on here.  Maybe Rachel Ashwell will come looking for her shelf I stole out of her house!  
;)  ha ha!
 That's where I'm at so far.  I have a lot more to do- recovering the chairs, finding fabric for the round table, and a few other little fixes, but for now, I feel like this is a room I could be proud of!
I will show you the tutorial on how I made the art, on tomorrow's post.


  1. Isn't it a good feeling to get it "right"? I'm sure it's hard to fill a large wall like the one over your couch, but the grouping you created fills up the space nicely.

  2. The long panels look so great! I love botanicals, and those look awesome too!!

  3. I love how the wall looks! Very pretty! I am the same way - I need things to be neat and in place so I can think better! Of course my closet is a mess most of the time - but I can always close the door!

  4. Thanks for coming to NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAY...I think I'm the only person out there that has not used RUB and BUFF...gotta get me some!


  5. It's looking great! Love what you did on the walls! I need to raise my living room curtains too I think...
    Have you considered a patterned rug? I think that would look great. I know rugs can be so expensive, so you might not want to invest in another. Oh, wait, I just thought, maybe that is carpeting and not a rug in your room. Anyway, it's all looking wonderful!!

  6. I'm featuring your art on my blog tomorrow cause I just love it to pieces! hatingmartha.blogspot

  7. Your draperies are gorgeous! Love all the little touches it really looks nice. Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday!

  8. I saw you featured at CBD. Your room looks so pretty and light-filled. I really like your long window treatments. Your use of the calendar pages was simply genius--I know it's been done before, but adding the burlap backing, tacks and numbers really gave them a custom look. Nice job!

  9. Where did you buy your slip covers? All Looks GREAT!!!!

    1. Hi Stacey! The slip cover for the couch is from Ikea.


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