I can't get no satisfaction....from my living room

Well I try, and I try, and I try...
I can't get no SATISFACTION!
Yes, I'm being totally cheesy with the lyrics, but work with me here.

I have posted several times on our living room.  The little changes, 'the improvements', the rearranging of items.  But let's be real here.  I just don't really like how my living room is working.  
This is the first room you see when you walk in the door.  
It feels large only because I have a two story ceiling.  

Here it is today.  
You can see some of the other posts on it by clicking on my archives under 'living room'.
(such a concept, eh?  ;)  )

What I do like about this room:
  • the color scheme. Mostly.  It needs more touches of pink in here.  
  • I like the current seating arrangement.
  • the furniture, but maybe not the bookcases.
What I don't like about this room:
  • too cluttery.  I have always been GREAT at buying little accessories!  ha.  
  • no wow factor to the room.
  • I want it to function as a room for extra seating when we have guests over, a place to relax and read.
There ya have it.
One way I cleared out the visual clutter this weekend was by taking down the curtains.  I loved the colors in them, but I just felt like they were detracting from the room rather than complimenting it.  I also did a major design faux pas:
I have always known that you are supposed to hang your curtains near the ceiling line of the room.  Here's my excuse for why I didn't start that way.
This is the nicest house we've ever owned, and I really loved the trim work in the house- it was one of the selling points for me.  I didn't want to cover up the window trim with curtains!  Now, I plan to do them the 'right' way.  I think it will help add a 'wow' to the room by highlighting the high ceilings.
I've already purchased the fabric, now I just have to work on them.  Ikea has inexpensive long panels, but even they were too short for this window!  
On to this chair:
I had purchased this chair at a thrift shop earlier in the year, thinking I would attempt some real upholstery and then sell it.  When my friend Janna and I were working on re staging the room, she pulled this from my stash and we both agreed that it works great with the rocking chair in the room.  I got it for $15!
It's got an interesting damask type fabric on it, but wrong color, and it's too worn.
I've taken lots of photos of it so that when I pull all the fabric off, hopefully I can use it as a reference for redoing it.  I also hope the fabric holds up so that I can use it for a pattern for the new look.
Here's a 'before' photo from August - with the curtains and before I painted the mirror.  
I am so glad I decided to paint it pink!! 

Anyway, this is more of a room diary at this point.  I have no idea when it will be completed.  Between two holiday shows I have coming up, and the holidays themselves, it could be a ridiculously slow process.  My plan is to do what I can, and really start taking a hard look at what I love versus making it work because I happen to have it.  I'm a big advocate of use what you have, but at this point, I gotta come up with a plan and implement it. 

My wish list:
  • a dramatic chandelier instead of the ceiling fan.
  • possibly lower shelves with some art work on the walls or a faux fireplace.  (non working- just the idea of it)
  • ???? I don't really know what else.  The look and feel that I want is romantic, bohemian, contemporary.
Here's some of my Pinterest ideas I've been collecting: (sources are on my Pinterest board)
love the wall art, and this furniture layout is what I envisioned when we first bought the house.
I like the romantic feel of this room, achieved through soft fabrics and the art
(Dreamy Whites) a similar look for the chair.  Love the oversize mirror.  I need more dramatic impact pieces.
That's all for now.  I'll keep you posted on the progress. I'm just not sure of how steady that progress will happen!
Have a great Wednesday!


  1. i think it's interesting that the inspiration pictures have a lot less in the rooms, and the pieces are just BIG. i think that's what you are missing.....where the bookshelves are, you have so much ceiling to work with....go for a big piece of something that hangs about the door frame line....bring the eye up in the room instead of down.....

  2. i meant to say above the door frame line....it needs to be up there in the sky!!

  3. Well I looked at your room pics with the critical eye to see what I would change and I think it would be to add another couch instead of the two chairs and the table there. I think the room has a lot of legs in it! Two sofas flanking the fireplace might be more restful. I would make pillows out of that pretty floral pattern and put them on the couch!

  4. No designer here, but I think you should move the sofa to where the book shelves are and add some height behind the sofa with large art, or something with some great height. Maybe paint the chair (the fabric) you want to recover in a lighter shade for a temporary fix. (Yes, this can be done) Add an area rug (with some pattern) over the carpet to bring the sitting area together. Put covers over all the books on the shelves that are either white or an accent color like the pink or turquoise. Add a pop of color inside the back of the bookcases. Minimize items on the bookcase. I think it needs some lamps also, and your curtains are beautiful, I would definitely keep them.

  5. At first glance of your room and then looking at your inspiration photos, I would definitely change the wall color. You could bring the mint green in w/ accessories but I think you should have a lite neutral on your walls like the photos. I think you have to have a larger piece vertically on that wall space and finally I would donate the silk plants. I Love your sofa and lines of the chairs.

  6. actually, I only have one silk plant in the room. The rest are real. I only have the one because I didn't have anything else to put on top of the shelf.

  7. Hi Denise! Thanks for your recent comments! I came right over to see what you've been up to! Although I think your living room looks cozy and elegant as is...I can relate to that feeling of not being completely satisfied with the overall look! I am in that same state with my own living room and I know it's going to be a long on-going project for me (especially since it's not a priority to my husband). I am doing my best to just enjoy the journey! We really are in a wonderful position as we can buy things, try them out and easily resell if they don't work or we don't love them like we'd hoped! Plus, we're always out there looking...right? Have fun with it and don't stress! Decorate with what you love, sell what you don't and eventually you will have a room that you really enjoy!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  8. Your living room would look great anytime soon...

    what with all those wonderful inspirations.


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