half bath - from average to awesome; a stencil project

Our half bath was nice, but it was kinda dark with the paint color that the builder chose, and I wanted to lighten it up.  Add some pizzaz to the small space.  

A few weeks ago, Cutting Edge Stencils contacted me and asked if I'd like to try out one of their designs!  Wahoo!  Yes!!  I have been itching to try one out, and this was the very room I wanted to do it in.
I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  A tone on tone, hi gloss / flat sheen look.
Here's the result:

Just for a refresher, here was the before:

I love it!

I went through their website and picked out the design I liked- the Rabat small scale.  There were a ton of choices, but this one stuck out as my favorite.  I thought it worked great with the contemporary / vintage look we have going on.  With a little bit of worldly flair.  :)

They shipped the stencil to me, and here's what I got:

Detailed instructions on how to use the stencil, a clip on level (genius- it really made a huge difference and was easy to use) and even some freebie single stencils.  Another project already brewing in my head for these....

First I painted the walls in my base.  Here's where I messed up.  (It helps to read the directions...)  Starting off with a flat sheen base (I started in a high gloss, oops) you then paint your next coat (hi gloss) with the stencil, after a 24 hour dry time.
So that would be flat sheen first, then hi gloss with the stencil, for the tone on tone look.

I probably picked the toughest room in the house to try out this kind of project- with all of the corners and fixtures to work around. It was also really tough getting enough light in for these photos in such a tight space with zero to nil natural light.  Hopefully you get the idea with my editing...

I am still so happy I did this in this room!  It makes such a subtle, yet dramatic impact to this room.  Once I got the hang of working the stencil in the corners, it was pretty easy.

Some tips from this project:
  • read through the directions thoroughly before starting  ;)
  • have your strips of tape ready before you are putting up your stencil- it makes it easier to hold it in place (kind of a 'duh', but at times I was so focused on lining up my stencil, I forgot to have those ready!)
  • if you decide to do the hi / lo finish like I did, make sure you work in good lighting.  It was easiest for me to do this in the morning or later in the evening when the light extremes were more apparent.  
  • Be patient.  Don't hurry through the process.  It will look beautiful!
  • use the level- it helps so much.  You can clip it to the top or the bottom edge.
    Such a fun project!  I really love this room- every time I look in here now, I am so happy I did it.  A brighter space, with a cool new look.
    Thank you so much Cutting Edge Stencils, for letting me try out your product!!!
    You can click here to view all of their fabulous product line.

    There's also an informative how to video :

    I hope you'll check them out and give it a try!

    All opinions in this post are my own.  Cutting Edge Stencils allowed me to try one of their products in exchange for a review.


    1. That looks amazing, it looks just like wallpaper, very effective xxxx

    2. It looks fabulous!! Love the subtle effect.

    3. Love what you've done to your powder room. The stencil is fabulous!

    4. Wallpaper look without wallpapering. I love it!

    5. Love it! I just redid my main level bathroom and was thinking of adding some French script stencils. They are expensive but if you use them over and over..... :)


    6. I love how subtle this is. It really adds a special wow factor to the bath w/o overpowering the small space.
      Great job!

    7. I agree that the subtle pattern is beautiful. It makes it look very classy.

    8. Your bathroom turned out beautiful and I love the subtle sheen as well, I think that that is such a beautiful look.


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