first day of fall and half bath update!

I have a confession.
I am really not excited to say goodbye to summer.  :(
We barely got to say hello, and after such a chilly and dreary spring, I could just about cry thinking about the possibility of that weather being around the corner again soon!
Don't get me wrong- I'm not a fall hater- I just wanted a few more weeks of sun, shorts, flip flops, barbecues, pool know.

...but here we are.
I was on our porch swing the other night, enjoying a beverage ;) and noticed how pretty my marigolds looked sitting next to me in the late summer sunset:

I am looking forward to decorating the porch for fall, but I'm still hoping to enjoy a few more days of nice, warm weather!
Yesterday I started painting our half bath.  This tiny room is just off of our kitchen.
It's one of the last spaces to de-brownify.  I've said for a long time that while we really love our house, and it has some very nice features, I've never been a fan of the color choices the builder picked. 
In every shade and tone!
I picked a creamy color, Desert Powder from Behr to lighten up the space.

It picks up some of the lighter tones of the tile, and won't clash with the green we have going on just outside the door.
First, I had to paint the ceiling.

 Yikes.  It really does look this dreary when you're in there.
I do like the look of ceilings painted the color of the walls in houses, but when you don't like the color to begin with....ugh.  It's the same color- Desert Powder, but in a flat sheen.  It will definitely need two coats.

Next, I started on the walls.

You can see with the ladder I needed that this place is tiny.  The ladder pretty much fills up the whole space!! (this should be interesting....)

I know it's hard to tell alot of difference (thank you very much yellow-y light fixtures....!)
but believe me when I say it is already SO much brighter!
I went with a Hi Gloss sheen for the walls.  
Yes, I said it, Hi Gloss.

You may be thinking, Huh??? why?
I'll let you know soon enough.  

Definitely a two coat job, hopefully not more.

This weekend, besides finishing up the painting, we need to safely remove the mirror.
Yikes!  I'm a little nervous about this one, because it looks like it may be glued to the wall.
Wish us luck- hopefully we won't need any trips to the emergency room!

(even with taping it all up!)
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I love it so far - it looks great!!! A can of light new paint does wonders, huh!!! Have a great weekend! Oh and those marigolds look very cheery - perfect for the first day of fall. ;)


  2. It's looking great Denise! I love having newly painted rooms, but hate moving in those little rooms around big ladders, etc too. Good luck with the mirror!

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Redoing a room always ends up taking up so much more energy and time than originally anticipated. I do love the color you're going to though, and can't wait to see it's finale with your decor! Your counter tops are beautiful! andrea @ townandprairie

  4. Lightening up a room is always uplifting. At least with a small room you'll be done painting in no time at all!

  5. Just have to say I agree with you on wanting more summer. I swear we have had two straight years of winter with two weeks of furnace. It is depressing...

    Your room update looks wonderful. Wish I had walls to paint, LOL!

  6. It looks great! I just painted my toilet area of our master bath and I am going to be doing the main level bath next. Mine was chocolate brown! Now it's a pale gray and I love it! I even painted the cabinet! I was thinking of you while I did it. :) Mine is more of a distressed look while your kitchen is a professional look. It really inspired me. Did you paint the inside as well? I am assuming you did. I really loved your kitchen redo. Amazing how paint lightens an area. I like the stone/tile in your bathroom and the paint color you chose looks like it goes perfectly.


  7. Hi Denise,
    It does look a lot brighter, looking good! XO ~Liz
    P.S.Love your flowers, so pretty! =)


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