Fallish Pinspiration

Here I am, sipping on some tea, thinking about how I really should start putting up some fall decorations.  I've had so much going on this month, I haven't had any time to start!  I still have my summer mantel, sea glass and seashells all sitting out.
Even though lots has been going on, I still have had time to get some ideas and inspiration for what I'd like to get started on soon.

This year, I'm going to try and work in more neutrals to my fall decor.  With a sea of pastels going on around here, orange doesn't exactly look awesome.
Here's some of my Pinterest pins:

Pottery Barn fall mantel
Pottery Barn


loveoffamilyand home.blogspot.com
I hit a snag yesterday with the half bath paint project.  Another one of my ideas gone wrong.  (It helps to follow the directions...) 
I was about to scrap it and move onto (yet another) Plan B, and good fortune smiled on me today...
I think I found a way to still work my plan! 
Thanks to Pinterest!


So I hope to have a more productive afternoon and not another re do!
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Happy Wednesday!


  1. I'm totally with you on this. I have been dragging my feet on the fall decor because fall colors just don't jive with my decor. Trying to figure out how to do neutral fall is tricky!

  2. i love your pinned ideas for fall. i do like the white look myself. i went with purple, orange, and a bit of gold this year. super cute.

  3. I'll take that mantel in the top photo please.

  4. I love the second photo the best! So cute. I can't wait to see what you come up with! Happy Fall!


  5. So funny - I feel the same way - I want to go neutral this year (but not suck all the fun out of the Halloween season for my kids - a compromise!)
    Great inspiration photos!

  6. The antique buffet with the barn doors makes my pulse quicken...I'm droolin' over that photo! I love everything about it.. the galvanized bucket, the shelf, etc. Wonder if I can recreate it... Thanks for the autumn post! andrea@ townandprairie

  7. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and inspiration photos for fall decorating. I see so much that I would love to do. Have a great weekend. Bobbie

  8. delicious photos and i must make those caramels! xo


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