dressing up the stove hood & some other pretties

Since we redid the area above the stove in the kitchen, it's been waiting for a little accessory. 

I have this large tray / platter that I got at ZGallerie a couple years ago, and I really wanted to put it up where we can see it.  It's a great design, but it is really heavy!

I've been waiting to hang it until I could order an XL Disc Hanger.
I am in love with these things.
Do you use them?
Super simple to use, and so much prettier than the wire plate hangers. 
You just wet the back of the disc where the glue is, let it sit for about 5 minutes so the surface gets tacky, and then apply it to what you want to hang.  Let it sit overnight, and you're good to go!  You can also removed the disc hangers just by soaking it in water.  It doesn't damage the surface at all.  They are just as inexpensive as the wire hangers.

I love not having those showing!
Because the back of the tray has the ridges, I was really careful to press it in snugly around them.
Just to make sure it stayed that way while it was drying overnight, I filled up a Ziploc bag with sand and laid it on top of the disc.
I purchased some of these wall hangers for the area I was going to hang the platter on.
Because they were brass, I touched them up with a little paint so it wouldn't be as noticeable.

I like having a little color added back into a focal point of the room.  Now to add some more....

I also wanted to show you some beautiful jewelry I got, thanks to a giveaway I won  from Under the Table and Dreaming a couple weeks ago.

Lucy Doo Designs gave me a store credit and I picked out some earrings

and a couple bracelets.
I am loving these - so pretty and comfortable to wear.  The bracelets have a magnetic closure which is really nice for taking them on and off. No more wrenching your wrist to wear!
Thanks so much Sandi, and Stephanie Lynn  for the giveaway!  
You can visit Lucy Doo Designs here.  You won't be disappointed. Affordable and beautiful stuff!
Have a great Tuesday~
I'm off to enjoy some Gyoza with my girlfriends!

Here's a sneak peek at some upcoming projects I hope to tackle before the end of the year....


  1. Hi Denise! Great tips on hanging plates and platters! Your kitchen looks so beautiful! I had to tell you that I thought of you a couple of weekends ago when I went to the Coburg Antique Fair! We were in your neck of the woods that night on our way home...lost and looking for somewhere to eat dinner at 10pm! It was quite an adventure! I thought to myself, "if I had Denise's phone number I could call her and she could tell us where to go"...but then, I would never have called you that late at night! Haha!
    Take care!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  2. I just got my first batch of disc hangers myself! I love them too, I wish I had ordered even more of them...

  3. our hobby lobby carries the disc hangers...and we love them....use them for lots of heavy things. cute plate!

  4. I am dying to try those disc hangers!!! Your plate looks so pretty up there - a little splash of color!

  5. It looks great. The placement is wonderful too. It adds a pop of color and pattern. I love it.

    I haven't tried disc hangers yet, maybe I should get on that.

  6. Thanks, Denise, for the Lucy Doo love!!! Great photos, by the way!!

    I'm now following your blog and I'm so excited to catch up on all of your posts!! I can already tell that your blog will be at the top of my blog roll!! :-)

    Sandi {Lucy Doo}


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