Deepwood Estate- a garden tour

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday!
This last week, I decided to go do a little photo shoot at the Historic Deepwood Estate- the same site where the Deepwood Vintage Market will be held in two weeks.

This place has so many fun memories for me.  It oozes with romance!
There's lots of weddings held here- this was the site for our own wedding reception.  :)
Through the years, we've had family photos taken in the gardens, and one of my stints as a flower girl was here in the house, at age 8.

See the second story windows here on the corner? 
When my cousin was getting married here, she asked my little brother and cousin if they would be the ring bearers for her wedding.  They were about 4, and wore matching blue suits.  They got a little bored and fidgety in those suits, waiting for the wedding to start, so they started crawling underneath the antique bed in the room- with the pillows and the REAL rings can guess what happened next!
A frantic search to find the rings!!  They were found- in the nick of time- right before they walked down the stairs to the wedding!  It makes me laugh every time I see this corner.

Here's a photo from our reception, in 1992.  The bouquet and garter toss was from the front steps of the house.
(photo edited it from it's original)

Palmer's Photography

This is the back of the house. 
Often times you will see brides making their debut from the steps to walk out into a garden wedding.

The carriage house. 
The main house and the carriage house were the backdrop for our reception, so it's pretty nostalgic for me.  My dad also did a beautiful painting of it.  You can see more of his creative works, including this print, in his Etsy shop.

There are lots of gazebos and pretty spots to stop and view the gardens.

I just love this filigreed wrought iron gazebo.  We've enjoyed several friend's weddings with this as the backdrop, as well as a pretty cute family photo shoot.

Sorry about the blurriness. 
Our friend and photographer, Bud Bulgin, took this photo in 2004 on the bench you see above.

I just love topiaries!! Don't you? This beautiful arbor leads to another little romantic spot and to a large tented area where receptions today are typically held.  That gorgeous dripping evergreen in the background too....

Part of the lower garden leading from the arbor.  Stunning wrought iron work!

This is the sun room that overlooks much of the grounds on the west side.  One of my favorite photos from our wedding was taken in here.  I love the checkered floors, the black accents on the window panes, and the chandelier.  This room is also next to several large porches overlooking the grounds.

These photos are all taken from just outside the grounds. Lots more beautiful perennials to enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed the Sunday garden tour!  Just a little preview of the lovely spot that I will be enjoying in a couple weeks for the Vintage Market!  And another fun memory to bank with all the others.  If you'd like a little more on the history of the estate, you can find it here.

I will be posting a coupon for the Friday night event here and on my Facebook soon. A coupon for $5 off the entry fee as my guest.
Some great local wines and fabulous food, and first dibs on all the great items for sale!!
30 local vendors.  It's going to be awesome.

Have a wonderful long weekend~


  1. Oh wow!!! I love the garden & home!!! And you made such a beautiful bride!!! ;) Thanks for sharing, and have a great weekend!


  2. Such a beautiful house and the gardens are stunning. Your wedding photos are all fabulous. Have fun at the market, it sounds like a blast. Hugs, Marty

  3. That place is gorgeous!

    I'm so excited that we will be in town to take the kids to school, so if our schedule works out, I will be shopping there that Friday! :)

    Have a great weekend.

  4. what pretty pix and the bride and groom are gorgeous! hope you have a great week, malia

  5. An absolutely gorgeous place, just perfect for a wedding! wonderful photos!


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