more product for the market sale

So many fun projects! I am having a blast right now!!
Here are some more items I have been working on and accumulating for the sale.

This last June I picked up an old crusty drip pan at a rummage sale. I saw it as a giant magnet board. I also wanted it to look like a found object that was pulled from a shop.

The magnets are made to look like the numbers you'd take at a wait counter.

(and now you can see what's on my grocery list for the week.... he he!)
This is a huge piece measuring 29" x 47"!
I just need to add some mounting holes.

As I said in yesterday's post, I found some beautiful vintage books. All are related to England except for the algebra textbook. A nicely patina'd teapot and some diminutive footed cups. Wouldn't they be pretty for cotton balls, jewelry, keys... So many possibilities!

Next, these gorgeous picnic baskets with wood lids. The larger one on the bottom is a very unusual size. I've never seen one this large. It measures 23" x 13".

A pretty aluminum pitcher always makes for a unique vase!

I found these great vintage cabinet doors at the I ♥ Thrifting Party a couple months ago. Don't you just love the curvy insets? I saw Vickie at Ranger 911 first use The Graphics Fairy " menu" graphic.  It was because of Vickie's beautiful project, that I became a follower of hers! Such a fun application!

I will be selling 2 of these menu board chalkboards. The only thing left to finish on them are chalk hangers.  These will also be for indoor / outdoor use. A sawtooth hanger and some prop feet will make it dual use.
One of my favorite things to find are vintage carafes. They are so pretty and useful. This one has a neat starburst and a glass stopper.
Love these as a bedside water holder, mouthwash dispenser, or for some real luxury, why not put this by the bath and fill it with some bath oils?

One of my favorite items I picked up recently is this Baldwin's White Rose perfume bottle. I spent too much on it, but I thought it was pretty special.
Hopefully someone else will too.  :)

Vintage jewelry boxes are always a favorite find for me.  It reminds me of when I was little and I would sift through and play with all my grandma's jewelry.
This one has so much going on- the hot pink satin lining with the beautiful gold filigree in the lid:

and the gold stars sprinkled across the top.  I also was loving the fact that it came with the original key!

In the first pic there you probably noticed the bling.  Oh. my. word.  I went to a garage sale over the weekend where the homeowners were selling bags by the table-full of bling! Most of it was sorted by color and type, the one I got was chock full of bling-y goodness.  The choker you see here was the most fab piece of all.  The rest of it I am thinking I will use for Christmas embellishments!

And, if you're not sick of photos yet, here are two items I picked up just for me:

A rusty white birdcage for the living room....not sure if I will be adding something inside...a lamp in that corner is on my hunting list...!

...a framed set of old photos.  Don't you love the peeling frame?
The photos are so full of life and so interesting.  One dollar!! :)
Finally, I'm also working on another (yes, another) dresser. This one is quite different from the one I featured yesterday. Here's a little glimpse:

That's all for today!
If you've been wondering how to add social media icons to your blog, join me tomorrow for the tutorial!
See you soon.


  1. wow...that's a lot of cuteness bunched into one blog post. love everything. hope it all sells.

  2. I just LOVe that carafe and bid cage. So gorgeous!

  3. WOW! Thanks for the compliment on my menu chalkboard! And may I say I am LOVING the "catch of the day" magnetic sign; it truly looks vintage. You have some great items to add to your sale-good eye!

  4. LOVE the Menu chalkboard! :)

  5. Great finds Denise! You've been busy! Thanks for sharing all of your goodies with us! I love the picnic baskets and all of the great books especially! I'll be back to re-read your tutorial. I really like the look of the buttons on your page and I have been wondering how to do thank you!!!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,


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