lake house lurking

Happy Monday everyone!

I am taking a vacation this week.  We are camping at the lake this week- going to enjoy some sunshine, tent camping, s'mores, boat rides, and gooooood friends!

With that in mind, I thought I'd share some lake house photos from a recent trip to one of my favorite places in Oregon- Lake Oswego.
This charming and beautiful city is about 15 minutes south of downtown Portland.  Surrounding the lake are some incredible million dollar homes.  Most are quite private, offering only a glimpse of the jaw dropping beauty.  Plus, I'm not very bold with snapping photos of these gorgeous places, because I'm afraid the owners will give me the stink eye!
Don't you just love the curving walls at the second story window? 
And the hydrangeas....

On warm summer evenings you can see lots of locals humming around in their boats.
Wouldn't you just love to spend some time on one of those decks?!
(I promise I wasn't hiding in the bushes to snap this shot, even though it kinda looks like I was!)

My favorite restaurant is on this lake.  See all those umbrellas to the top left? You can sit and have a fabulous dinner and watch people drive up in their boats.  The dock leads right up to an iron gate at the restaurant and you can grab a bite and a cocktail with the neighbors.

This was us- getting ready for a fun dinner out with friends.  If you are able to go to the Oswego Lakehouse, I highly recommend the lobster ravioli!  YUM.

Another view of the houses on the lake.  We could've driven around for hours with our mouths gaping.

This one was one of my favorites.  It had a very European flair to it, and that gate!  Wow!
So pretty!
Here's a slightly wider shot of it:

To the owners of these beautiful homes: I hope if you see this, you aren't creeped out by my house envy.  You just have really great abodes.

That Girl that was craning her neck in the black pick-up to see all the good stuff.


  1. So gorgeous Denise!! Looks like a fantastic place! :)

  2. Hi Denise-

    I am dreaming of a lake house - someday. Love your photos and I agree with you -I love to eat outside and watch the boats and people come in. I will probably never get to Lake Oswego - so I truly enjoyed looking at all of your photos. Here on the East coast my fav lakes are Lake Champlain in Vermont/NY, Lake George in New York - Lake Lure in NC and Smith Mountain Lake in VA...someday :)

    My best- Diane

  3. Oh my gosh these are gorgeous!!! I even love the boat houses!! Have a great time and your look beautiful, I love your dress!

  4. What a beautiful lake! And such a great pic of you and your hubby! Love seeing the luxurious homes.......we just got back from a weekend at a lake and all we did was ogle houses - it was half the fun!
    Enjoy your vacation!

  5. Oooo... so, so pretty! I too dream of an awesome lake house :D

  6. What a lovely place! We live by a lake and some of the houses are unbelievable, i love looking at them too.

  7. What truly dreamy lake houses!

  8. The hydrangeas grow like crazy up there- how lovely!


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