coffee tables and bamboo

I am soooooo close to this kitchen reveal! I really wanted to be able to show you today, but we have one final element waiting to be finished.  My hubby is on his way back from Seattle, so we will be able to finish it tonight. 
So, instead of our kitchen, I thought I'd make a return visit to our deck. 
The olive green is finally on my cute little tables that I picked up at a garage sale a couple weeks ago:

Here was the before:

These are working great - they're movable, and the right height for the seating.
We have really been enjoying warm summer nights out here!
The color is Rustoleum's Eden.  It was the perfect shade of green to coordinate with our pillows.

I mentioned awhile back that we got some free bamboo from a friend who was tearing it out of his yard.  Several of you were very concerned about it spreading, and I can assure you, we are fully aware of the habit of this stuff!  Our intention was always to plant it in pots.  There is no way I want a jungle in our back yard!!
I picked up these three pots from our grocery store for $30 each!  Amazing deal.

My husband was very worried and pessimistic about the bamboo not surviving, but I kept assuring him it would be fine and it was just in shock.  Sure enough, about 3 weeks after we planted this, look what we already have:

There are a few grown stalks that we may have to cut back, but based on the new growth already, it will fill in where the others are dying. 
The leaves make such a nice, soft rustling sound in the breeze.
We are loving our new outdoor space!

Happy Tuesday friends!


  1. I love that green! Looks so good with the pillows. Also, glad to see those pots. ;) Can't wait for the reveal! Remember I want to chat about your painting process!

  2. The tables looks great with the new color and the bamboo will be great once it grows in.

  3. Looks great! We have a small type of bamboo that we planted in pots and put them in the ground. They have been there for years and haven't spread and they get watered with our grass. I love the pots you put yours in and they look great form the deck. The tables are looking wonderful!


  4. I love the new green tables! Much more than the white :) And I'm jealous of your bamboo. I'm dying to plant some, but am not allowed because it spreads like wildfire

  5. SO SO Cute! Green is my favorite color. Love the green. And love the Bamboo! I am envious of that. We tried to order some online several years ago and they canceled our order after 3 weeks of waiting...reason: out of stock. Shouldn't it have said that when we ordered? Oh well. Maybe you can post pics at the end of the year to show how they fill in? Can't wait!

  6. I love the "green" you painted on the little tables. It really makes your pillows "pop". So cute!


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