the bossy dresser

I'm kinda starting to embrace the whole 'naming the furniture' thing!

This weekend I finished a dresser that I picked up on a big thrifting trip.  I love this one.
However, I had the horrible realization as I was editing photos this morning, that the only "before" photos I took were of the knobs!!  grrrrr.....
Anyway, here it is:

The before shot would have shown you that this was a hum drum brown dresser. I used a creamy white to lighten it up - HD's Spice Delight.
I left the top as is.  It looks great with the wood tone and white together.  Plus it would have been really easily nicked and scratched with the finish if I'd tried to paint it (even with primer).
I wish the Annie Sloan Chalk paint fairy would magically leave me some paint...

A little bit of distressing on the edges, and my favorite technique using the Clorox wipes on the lettering. I never get tired of using this!  I hope you aren't, because I'm having way too much fun with it!  :)

A lot of times when I'm working on a piece that I plan to add some artistic embellishment to, whether it's lettering or a design, I just start with an area on the furniture that catches my eye, and as I'm sanding and prepping, I start to think about what would be fun on it.  This dresser had too many handles and knobs going on, so I removed a couple and thought some lettering would look good.  Filled in the holes, and came up with the "Get Dressed".  I thought it was fun and the more I looked at it, it seemed kinda bossy :) and so that's how the name came up.

Here's the knobs when I purchased:

and after a light coat of Oil Rubbed Bronze:
A little bit of glazing in the same color as my Frenchy chair (in my sidebar).
All sealed with a clear poly.

This piece, and several others that I'm working on, will be headed to the Deepwood Vintage Market in a few short weeks. 
I've been having some great finds over the past few days, and I'm hoping tomorrow's post will highlight some more items that will be making it's way to the market.

Here's one that I used in staging this piece-
the vintage 1930's algebra book:

It's very small and I love the printing on the inside.
I've also been collecting some vintage books on England with some beautiful old covers. 

Thanks for letting me share this piece with you.  I hope it goes to a good home!
Even if it is a little bossy.


  1. I LOVE the Get Dressed!!! I pinned it on Pinterest. :)

  2. Love the bossy dresser, Denise! It looks great! I hope you're doing well! All ready for your show next month? I wish I could be there!
    Have a great week!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  3. Love it. The "Get Dressed" is way toooooo cute. Beautiful piece. Hugs, Marty

  4. Don't you just love pink!! Thank you for stopping by and say hi! I love how you transformed this dresser and if I get a dresser I will be putting that (Get Dressed)on for my daughter. I bought an old desk and haven't figured out what I was going to do with it. It is a solid maple desk about 50 years old and in great shape. The top of it is similar to this dresser. It has a lip and then a veneer top which I know would strip well. I think I am going to do what you did with this, I will paint everything but the veneer part. I think the bonus is it will be more durable. Thanks again!

  5. Love the "Get Dressed"! At my house it would have to say get dressed and then pick up your dirty clothes! Great job.

  6. I'm definitely impressed! I'm annoyed with myself because I haven't taken any pictures from before starting to do a minor redecorating of my bathroom.

  7. Adorable! I love what you did to the dresser and the letters are perfect! I love that saying for a dresser, it would be perfect in one of my girl's rooms.


  8. It's so cute and clever, great job...I'm sure it will sell quick!

  9. that is too cute! what a great idea! everyone needs some bossing around sometimes!

  10. This is beautiful! Great idea.
    HWW! Hope to see you on my blog:)

  11. I love it...GET DRESSED....wish I had a nickel for every time I have said that. So clever! Your dresser is just beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing. Bobbie

  12. I love when people add text to a piece. It really DOES make her bossy; she's givin' everyone a piece of her mind!! Your word choice was spot on, and I really adore your 'old world' dresser, too. Great job! andrea @ townandprairie

  13. Great piece! I don't mind that it's bossy, as long as it doesn't mind that *I* am!

  14. I love this dresser!!! The words you put on it made me laugh. Thanks for sharing

  15. I wouldn't mind a bossy dresser in a couple of my kids rooms! Great idea, and it turned out beautifully! Deb


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