thrifty weekend finds and kitchen update

I was going to post this yesterday with the wine tasting, but it would have been WAAAAY too long.
I found some cool treasures over the weekend!
All of the items I purchased were careful selections- things on my wish list for awhile.

First, this vintage sled.

A couple years ago I passed one up like this at a garage sale and regretted it ever since. Not this time!
I love the engraved name on it.
My brother in law picked up this amazing vintage suitcase for me! How nice is that?!
This has OSC (Oregon State College - now OSU) on it which dates it between 1937 - 1961 when it was called OSC.

Don't you wonder about the history of this little guy? Love the fraternity emblem:

and the initials!

I've had my eye on this orange apothecary style jar for a few weeks.

I found it at The Assistance League thrift shop. I think it will look great for Halloween.   :)
Maybe with some black and white stripey stick candy?

I also got these great folding tables at an awesome garage sale in one of my favorite neighborhoods:

$8 for the pair.
I plan to paint these an olive green. And yes! Our bamboo is in place- more on that soon.

Finally, this carved wooden bowl was from an estate sale.

Last fall I missed out on one for a fall centerpiece. For now, I think it will look great on our master bedroom cabinet. I want to add more sea glass floats in various sizes.

Here's the progress on the kitchen!  With our anniversary, we had some breaks from working on it, but Sunday was a bit tedious...
projects like this always take longer than you expect, don't they?
We got all the trim installed on the island, and we continually stand back to admire our work.
(ever so humbly!)

Loving the difference this has made to really make it look great!
The base trim looks like it has always been there.  Fortunately, we were still able to find the same stuff the builder used so it could match the existing trim around the pillar / support. (first photo)

Today, I am giving the island a final coat of paint on the side you see here.  Can't wait!
On the other side of the island, I got all of the drawer fronts painted, and the pulls have been installed:

I just loved these.  The metal has kind of a pitted finish.
Once the island is done, it's strictly painting all the doors.  I have such limited space in the garage, it's going much more slowly than I hoped. Hopefully now with that being the only focus, I can speed it up a bit.
The nook is also included in this makeover, so once I have a handle on the doors, I will be working on the big wall where the bench is.
Hope your Tuesday is great!


  1. looking good, and i love your finds. i don't have time or $$ right now to do those things, but when baby boy gets bigger, i want to go to lots of sales!

  2. Those handles are wonderful! I have that same style, but mine are typical brushed nickel. The old finish on those really looks great. Also love that orange jar, wow!

  3. I love your new finds. Your kitchen has come together so quickly, I'm amazed at how fast you work! The handles, finish, and trim work look beautiful. Can't wait to see the finished product. XO Liz

  4. Hi Denise~
    I can't find your direct email... I got your email... can you send it to me, I'll let you know

  5. Great finds! I love the old suitcase and the carved bowl! Your kitchen is looking great. It's amazing what some new moulding will do to change the look of a piece. Nice job! (and I love the new hardware!) :)

    Happy Painting!

  6. What cute finds! ANd the bamboo is looking good - just be very careful... that stuff spreads like wildfire! It needs to be trimmed regularly or it will take over your yard in an instant! Love the new base trim. But I sugtgest getting rid of the blue and green tape on your boxes - kind of ruins the whole look. ;)

  7. hope your Tuesday was great too! Love the blog and pics Denise! :)

  8. the island is looking so good Denise! Loved your finds~you have been busy.

  9. Wow, Denise! You got some really awesome finds! I'm impressed :)


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