summer blue mantel

There is something so alluring and romantic about a home that is surrounded by hydrangeas.
Whenever I see photos of homes that are encircled by these plants, I just want to stay and relax.

A few weeks ago I spruced up our mantel with a summery look. You can see it by clicking here.
But since my snowball bush is done blooming, and I was ready for a little change, I did some rearranging and added in some of my blue hydrangea blooms.

My mantel has had the same look for awhile, prior to the seasonal change, and I'm working more on pulling things together rather than accessories on the ends.

This is my source.  We planted it three years ago when we moved in.  It was very small (purchased in a 1 gallon pot) but it loves the place we planted it in.  It is now four feet wide and 3 feet high!  I was really good with regular fertilizing the first couple years.

We have four hydrangea plants now.  This little one was planted two years ago, and It has really taken off just this summer.  In no time, it will be huge like the original. It's on the other side of the yard from the bigger one.

A few weeks ago I added in two more in front of our deck.  I got them at Trader Joe's for $6.99 each!  They don't look great right now, but I'm not worried.  They are healthy and a little whacked out from our can't-decide-if-it's-summer weather.  This is the same size the other two started at. 

I love cutting these for pretty arrangements for various rooms, as well as inviting my friends and family to cut and take home the blooms when they visit.

A lot of impact for just a few cuttings.
Do you have hydrangeas? What is your favorite summer flower?
I'm off to paint....again.  It's starting to feel like "Groundhog Day" around here! But the end is near on the kitchen makeover!
Happy Tuesday~

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  1. Hi Denise ~ Love your hydrangeas! They look so pretty on your mantel along with your beautiful painting! We have 3 bushes in front of our house that we planted last year. They haven't bloomed yet this year so I'm a little worried. Hydrangeas and peonies are my favorites by far!

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  3. Your hydrangeas are beautitul. Love the blue color. I would love to have some but they don't seem to do will when it's 120 degrees for days on end...

  4. Oooo... they are so gorgeous!!!! I'm so jealous too :) I'd love, love to have some hydrangeas and peonies, but I manage to kill plants. And, when plants aren't being murdered by my hand, the bazillion degree temp takes over for me, ha!

  5. Your blue hydrangeas are beautiful! I'm so jealous! I have tried and tried to grow them here in Colorado but no luck. I finally have one that made it over the winter and it is about 4 inches tall now. I'm afraid it's not going to flower at this rate :( I keep hoping!
    Loved your comment on "feels like Ground Hog day around here" really made me laugh. You will be so happy when the kitchen is done!


  6. I just came across your lovely blog, and am now a follower! :) We just moved into our "fixer" last month, and have just started blogging about it. It's great to see inspiration in other blogs! By the way, I love hydrangeas, but unfortunately I'm rather new at gardening. I plan to plant them next year, and I see that yours are just gorgeous!!! Did you fertilize everyday? How often do they need to be watered? Anyway, thanks in advance and I look forward to your posts.

    Cheers from SoCali,

  7. Your hydrangeas look very happy! Is that a photo on a canvas or a painting on your mantel, i love it.!


  8. I love the painting on your mantle! It is so beautiful! did you paint it or buy it somewhere?

    Love your blog!!!

  9. Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for your sweet comments on our painting. My dad painted it for us shortly after we moved in. You can see more of his work at jstevenhuntart@


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