modern trophy art

Yesterday when I was done with my afternoon painting, I decided to do some more painting.
Last Friday, I went on a Goodwill tour with my sister in law- not the humanitarian kind, the thrift shop kind! One of the items I was searching for was trophies.
Not the gorgeous vintage silver ones- the kind you get from participating in sports and such. I've been collecting them for about a month now so I could have a nice grouping to do this:

Here's the background story.
I saw this idea several years ago in Cottage Living magazine and loved it. I also was thinking about my husband's sports trophies sitting in a box, being moved from house to house.

My husband is a pretty modest guy, but I am still so proud of what an incredible athlete he was, and is.

I have an idea. You know your box of trophies in the garage?


What would you think if I spray painted them white? I could take off all the little plaque markers and put them in a nice frame...then we could remember what all the awards were for AND they would be displayed in a cool way. :)
(big smile, nodding.)


Uhhhhh... I...don't know...

Ok, so they're his trophies. He earned them, and if he doesn't want me painting them, so be it.
The good news is that these are not hard to find, if you're looking.

This awesome cup trophy was $4.99. The others were much less than that.
A few quick sprays with Rustoleum's 2x primer gives them a beautiful matte finish- much like what you'd see on a statue. Which is exactly what I wanted.

It helps to lay them down and spray too, so you can get underneath all of the little grooves.
From gaudy to gorgeous!

I had to take my 'Oscar' moment prior to painting... (warning: cheesy photo op...)

In all of my paint day loveliness.

I'm loving my new kitschy, modern, trophy art! You can easily collect a bunch of these from thrift shops for very little cash. In all, I spent less than $20 for my little collection and the primer.
Maybe your hubby will let you paint his. Hey, maybe you have your own trophies to paint! 
It's a great way to display some personal accomplishments (whether they're yours or someone else's) in a cool way.

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  1. Brilliant.Modern art indeed!It never ceases to amaze what a little paint can do.Thanks for sharing.

  2. very clever! you've got a great little collection:)

  3. Kitchy but so fun! My husband was quite the athlete too but is too modest to show off his trophies as well. Perhaps you're on to something! :)

  4. So cute Denise! Great post!

  5. What a great idea! The trophies look fab all white - love it!

  6. Brilliant! Turns major tacky into ultra cool! I wish my husband would let me paint his, they're delegated to the top shelf in the downstairs game room as it is.

  7. I think they look amazing, such a cool idea.

  8. Clever and well done! They look like classic porcelain from the thirties! Excellent idea.

  9. such a good idea! i really love how the trophies turned're so clever.

  10. Hi, friend! I'm admiring all your creative posts here. Can you please share them at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop? Hope to see you there at the party :)

  11. Silly, wonderful fun! I have made my kids take photos of their trophies to remember, so they won't be burdened with them in future, but this idea turns them into ART! Should have saved them, but I've seen them in thrift stores, too! Thanks for the great idea!

  12. You are so creative and we adore you!

  13. I KNEW there was a reason I keep looking at those trophies I find at every thrift store I go too. Never buy them though. BUT I myself have a huge box loaded with horse trophies...hmmmm.

    Yes, they now look like ART. What soccer player wouldn't love that one you have?

  14. LOVE, love, love this, I'll be featuring you for VIF tomorrow, thanks for the fun! xoxo Debra
    love your Oscar photo! te he.

  15. absolutely LOVE! is it ok if i feature this on my blog this week? xo malia

  16. This is so cool! I am always looking at trophies in thrift stores thinking.....who would buy these?? It will soon be me!! I love this idea!


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