Fourth of July front porch

I love the 4th of July!! Next to Christmas, it is my favorite holiday.
You'd think with it being so high up on my list of favorite holidays, that I'd have a ton of stuff for the house to be all decked out in.
Any more, I turn to colors and the idea of a holiday, rather than an outright, this has to be used for this specific holiday.  Don't get me wrong, I still have specifics, but I fill in with other things.

Our porch swing always has the cream cushion, so it makes it easy to work around.  The quilt is something I purchased at an antique shop several years ago- $18! It's only half of a quilt, and I just use it to decorate with.  The red plaid pillow is actually a pillow sham that I made several years ago, and just slipped it over our existing outdoor pillows! The small navy pillow has tiny little stars on it.  It's been one of my all time favorite fabrics, and I had just enough to make one for the space.  I will store it with the rest of our 4th decor for the future.
I have always loved twig furniture.  We got the two chairs as an anniversary gift to each other 4 years ago. I haven't had a coffee table out here yet...but these crates were just sitting in our garage taking up space. 
Why not?
I just tipped them on their sides, and put the tops (openings) facing each other.  I love the rustic look these add.

A simple red tray, and some daisies from the field in an Orangina bottle.  I love saving these- they really make cute little vases. 

There was still some more color that needed to be added here.  I went back into the garage and pulled out this Red Flyer wagon that I got thrifting a few months ago. 

I love poking these flags into pots and in the yard.  They're very inexpensive, and add a festive touch around the yard.  I even tucked in a finger starfish into my lantern as a wink to the stars and stripes.

As you come up the front steps, I always like to have luminaries lining the way up.  I always fill these with a little sand and some tea lights.  These cute little buckets were from the dollar section of Target a few years ago.  You could also use mason jars with some pretty ribbon tied around the necks.

And finally, patriotic bunting!  I have always loved this look on homes.  Mine came from Terry's Village, and they are very affordable.  100% cotton, and they have held up really well.  

I love the celebration of the 4th of July.  It's very simple to incorporate a few dedicated holiday items, but also add to it with items that are in colors that go with it.  Look around your house for inspiration to find and pull into a holiday theme!
Have a wonderful holiday!


  1. The front porch is looking great! I love the rustic coffee table, it's perfect. I enjoyed the tour :)


  2. I love the twig furniture! your porch looks wonderful, so inviting and friendly.

  3. Your porch looks lovely and inviting. Have a Happy Holiday:)

  4. Your porch looks beautiful ! The swing is the best!
    Happy 4th!

  5. Your porch looks very American!! happy 4th! Funny how great an American flag looks anywhere you put it...

  6. Your porch looks so inviting! Love the bunting and the crates for a coffee table...great idea!


  7. Your porch is so pretty! I love how you incorporated 4th of July decorations into your decor without going over the top. The crate tables are a great idea. The flowers in the wagon are so pretty too!

    Great work! Happy 4th!

  8. Simple and adorable! Love the touches you added for the 4th. One of my favorite holidays, too!

  9. Love it! I like using color too when I decorate for holidays so it's not always so 'in your face' & I feel like I can keep in up a bit longer - especially the red, white & blue - so summery and I usually keep it up until Labor day. :)

  10. Love the coffee table - just keep that, it looks good. Bonus, in the fall it will look so cute with pumpkins, etc. sitting on it.

    I also love the quilt, the wagon and the bunting. Heck, it all looks great! Happy 4th.

  11. Lookin super cute on that porch of yours! Love the table.


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