trash to treasure outdoor table

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. 
I keep thinking of this phrase with our new outdoor table!

We live in a relatively new subdivision, and in a semi rural area.  With the housing market the way that it is, we have several empty lots still around us.  This translates to one thing:
You know, the people who load up their pickup truck or trailer, drive out here late at night and dump all their stuff in our neighborhood.  (I know, because I've witnessed this a few times.)

My daughter was out riding her bike one afternoon, and came over to tell me that there was a new bit of trash in the field. 
Oh great, I thought.  Sure enough, a metal frame someone had tossed out. I was irritated.
Then, later that evening an idea struck, and I ran back out to retrieve it!

An outdoor industrial style table!

I actually snapped a picture of what it looked like before I pulled it out:

Nice, huh?
We went to work on it- some knotty pine, cut to fit cleanly on top. I stained it, added a coat of sealer for exterior use, and we added some nuts and bolts to secure it to the base. 

And here it is in it's (almost) finished state!
Why 'almost'?  We originally wanted to add industrial wheels to the legs.  As you can see from the dumped picture, it had the plastic ones attached.  I wanted the cool, industrial looking ones.  It seemed like a simple plan that would be a no brainer, but once we got the original wheels off, nothing else fit!  :(
It had a shallow peg that went through the leg, and nothing else has fit that we've found.  We even considered welding it, but neither of us know how to do that, and weren't even sure that would work anyway.
It's still nice looking, just not the complete look I was going for.

We set it up on the back deck.  I plan on using it primarily for a bar / serving area.

White sangria and a baguette with bruschetta anyone? :)

The fields all around our house are filled with purple flowers (weeds really, but still, pretty in masses) and these happy daisies.
The candle holder is a ceramic pot base, filled with sea glass and some shells.  I topped it with a hurricane glass and candle.

The runner is some striped toweling I picked up from the fabric store.
The sides were already hemmed, and after washing it, the edges frayed.  I like the fringe look it added!
The crate is one of several I have- all from Jon's dad.  He was a farmer, and these crates were from his barns.  I used them here for additional outdoor storage.

Here's a bigger view of the space with our new table.
We're still working on this area, but it is really coming together nicely.  We've already enjoyed several warm evenings out here.  The cool thing about this table is that it's low enough to flip around and use as a dining table!  Multi use! 
I mentioned before that we were wanting some privacy for the deck.  We'd planned to get some bamboo to act as a screen, planted in pots.   A couple days ago, my husband was getting ready to go look / purchase some.  Would you believe that he got a phone call from a coworker who just happened to be clearing out some bamboo from his yard??!! 
You can see the beginning stages of it in this photo:

We still have to purchase the pots, but our luck in making this a super thrifty area continues! :)

Finally, I added an area rug to the seating area.  We used some seagrass beach mats- another freebie from my sister in law's moving / get rid of stuff- stuff.
These are hemmed in a turquoise cotton.  I think it looks great, but we'll have to see if this idea sticks.  Literally.
After using these for a couple days, we realized they are slicker than snot.  So, while they look pretty, I'm not sure from a safety standpoint if it will work.  What do you think? Any ideas on this?

Thanks for letting me show you the progress on our deck!  I'd love to hear any ideas you have on adding the wheels to the table.  I'm determined there is a way!!

Here's the cost break down of our table:
metal base: free
lumber for top: $15
stain: $6
nuts and bolts: 25 cents
$21.25 total

Making lemonade out of lemons!
Today I'm out scouting a huge rummage sale in my city- hopefully I'll have some treasures to share with you tomorrow!
You can still link up your outdoor space at my Porch Patio and Deck linky party- it's open through Friday afternoon.

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  1. Love it! Love the resourcefulness and the final look! Nice job!!! :)

  2. Your outdoor space looks absolutely gorgeous! ...and so inviting!
    Loved the table and the entire setting too...

  3. Now this is being resourceful!
    I love it!


  4. Now this is being resourceful!
    I love it!


  5. Everything looks beautiful! I love the table and the table setting. I am sure you will be spending alot of time out there!

  6. Oh my gosh that is one good find in a junk pile (and also very resourceful!) I love that repurposing is so in style now! Also the industrial/rustic look together - yum. Your deck looks amazing.....perfect spot for a summer margarita!!

  7. I just love your new table... looks perfect!

  8. I love it Denise!! You did an amazing job with this. I love how we see things now and immediately our minds start turning. Your deck looks great and your buffet looks delicious! :)

  9. Love it Denise! You did a fantastic job - your deck looks so charming with it's new table! :)

  10. What an awesome upcycling project! Everything looks great, and I really love the box you have under the table too for your cushions. Lemonade indeed!

  11. so i had a few thoughts....

    what about getting an old industrial cart base (kinda like the pb coffee table) and putting your table on that? then you would have a bottom shelf of storage too.

    also, my hubby grew up with bamboo in his yard....and if it's the spreading kind (which his was) it will take over EVERYTHING. there are two kinds of bamboo, and a nursery should be able to tell you which kind you have.

    is there some kind of spray that can be put on the grass mats to reduce slipperyness?

    everything looks awesome....congrats on a great backyard look.

  12. I would use a staple gun and staple them down...or you could go to walmart and get the non skid under rug are cheaper!

  13. LOVE the side table...and how great that the frame was literally salvaged. You are so talented. Your deck just looks fantastic!

  14. The outdoor area looks fantastic. I love the table- and all the stuff on it- gorgeous!

  15. Fabulous find, it looks like something from PB or Restoration... good job!

  16. Awesome job! That was super lucky and smart thinking!! I wish I could have someone dump some garbage around me! Haha, man, I need some free stuff! lol

    Much Love,

  17. wow! LOVE IT!!! i'm officially inspired :)

  18. Super lovely blog!


  19. It is really all coming together out there. How fun to enjoy the outdoors. Your table looks amazing, I especially love your glasses.


  20. Now...will you come and throw that in my backyard? lol I love it...what an amazing addition to your patio. Everything looks so warm and welcoming. Gonna have to go and get some of that toweling cute. I like the fringed edge as well...especially since I am not gifted with sewing ability.

    I hope you are having a really great week!


  21. I love your table! You have good sense of vision to see the treasure behind the trash.

  22. hello again! I linked up. thanks for the invite!

  23. Denise,
    Thanks for inviting me over to your "Deck Party"!! I LOVE your blog...and am now your latest follower!!! Yepee

  24. Fantastic! We are building and addition right now and I had a rather interesting conversation with a woman last night about not dumping her extras in our dumpster. Wow! you would have thought I was being unreasonable. Mind you if it had been that frame I would have gladly said yes :)

  25. LOVE IT!!
    That is something I would have done!!! The best stuff is sometimes trash!!!

    I love your table, great job!!

  26. Wonderful job! Your outdoor space is very peaceful and welcoming. I also love decorating with found objects.

  27. WOW! that is awesome!!! those tables are not cheap when bought new! Great job!!! love the styled photo shoot too!!

  28. You definitely made some good looking lemonade with your found-in-a-field table frame! Your outdoor space looks fantastic :-)

  29. Bring it out to the barn with some wheels and we will make it work!FYI Harbor Freight has the cheapest wheels that I have found yet. Sometimes it's actually cheaper to buy their moving dolly platforms and tear the wheels off them then to buy the wheels individually.

  30. Hmmm... I've heard of curbshopping. But I don't think I've EVER heard of a JUNK delivery! LOL... they bring their trash to you and you make perfectly good use out of it.
    AND! help keep the neighborhood clean.

    its a WIN Win...
    I like what you did with it and your deck and outside area looks like an extension of your home.


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