Thoroughly Modern Milly desk makeover

Well, she's finally finished! 

When I started on this desk I mentioned that I don't normally 'name' my projects, but this one just kept coming back to me as Thoroughly Modern Milly. 
It was a 1970's country yellow:

It had been well loved.  I had to clean and sand a bit before priming.

These little flower embellishments are the best part of the desk!

  It had one drawer that was missing it's glider, so the bottom sagged when it was pushed in. 

The yellow grew on me though.  And, when I saw Southern Lovely's gorgeous yellow dresser, I knew what I wanted this little desk to look like:  a modern version of what it already was.
It didn't have a chair- I purchased that later, and I love the lines on it.  

Someone else had already done some artistic embellishments to it (that I didn't think fit it very well....) so I just gave it a coat of the same paint and added a modern gray, black, and white seat to it.  Kinda trendy and modern, but still with a sweet nostalgia to it.  And that's how the name took. 

I love the buttery yellow color- it's Strawflower by Rustoleum.  The only place I could find it was Home Depot. 

The original pulls stayed on it- they were hit with a coat of Krylon's oil rubbed bronze. 

We fixed the saggy drawer (thanks dad!) and now it is ready to go!  This is for sale on Craiglslist- hoping she finds a good home to go to. 

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  1. The desk and chair turned out great. Vintage with a new modern look. Love it. Pretty color too!

  2. the desk looks amazing Denise. I love the color you picked out.

  3. The set looks lovely...I also liked your choice for the seat fabric.

  4. I am so in love with this! You did a fantastic job, glad the color worked out! Thanks for the shout out, by the way.

  5. Love the paint color, wonderful job on it and also like the fabric for the seat!

  6. oh Denise, this is gorgeous. I love the yellow- and Im not normally a yellow person.

  7. This is gorgeous! I love the shade of yellow. You did a fantastic job:)

  8. Denise, your desk and chair turned out great! Amazing job, great color choice and thank you so much for using Rust-Oleum to complete your project.

    - Rust-Oleum Scott

  9. Love! I can totally see Mary Tyler Moore sitting there :)

  10. Your desk is gorgeous! That is one of my favorite musicals :)

  11. What a great cheery color! It's such a happy space:)

  12. i love the lines of that desk! it's awesome! and the color is so fun!


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