teaser before and after projects....

I wish I had a completed project to show today, but it was more like assembly line weekend.  That, and it seemed there was always one element that wouldn't allow me to finish because a part was missing.

Do you remember my aqua coffee table?

I sold it over the weekend!  Slightly sad, I really loved it, and it was my return to doing projects like this- but I found a piece last December that I fell in love with.  The more I lived with it (in my garage) and realized how hard these pieces are to find, I just had to keep it.  So somebody had to go.
 Here's what I started:

I ran out of what I had for nail head trim, and wouldn't you know it- everyone in town was out too.  So, unless I want to make a two hour, round trip errand, I have to wait a few more days to finish up my new coffee table! 
Here's what it looked like to start with:

Do you see the potential like I did?

I finished a mirror, but of course, couldn't hang it just yet.  I am super excited about this guy's transformation though!  Here's the before #1:

1970's era vanity mirror. 
I wanted to replace our builder mirror in our half bath.  Initially I painted it this color, hoping for a faux wood look finish. Before #2:

Nope.  So not feeling it.  It sat buried behind other projects since January.  We have a print in the half bath, and I love the colors in it.  So I picked up one of the colors from that and now it looks like this:

Bee U Tee Full!!!  There's more to see, and I will show it all here soon- we have to remove the large plate glass mirror and install this one for the final reveal.  :)

We also got some more pieces for our super thrifty new deck seating area. 
(More on that crazy story when it's all completed for the big reveal....)  Some flowers got planted on the front and back decks too.
A desk that has been waiting for some dry weather finally got an initial coat of paint.

 Hello 1970's country distressing!  But isn't the flower detail so cute?  I don't usually "name" any of my projects, but this one keeps being called Thoroughly Modern Milly.  I think it'll stick.  ;)
I am really close to finishing up my prized piece of the moment. 
It should be ready for it's feature tomorrow.

That's my big teaser post.  Wish I had some finished projects to show, but I'm glad it was a productive weekend anyway.
Hope you had fabulous weekend too!


  1. all these projects are looking so great already. i love the idea of the nail tacks on the side of coffee table. very different and i love the look. ill have to borrow that idea from you one day.
    thanks for the inspiration

  2. wow...you seriously worked hard. i wish i lived closer to you so i could buy some of these finished pieces.

  3. Wow... You have been a busy lady! That coffee table is going to be gorgeous! I love anything with nailheads!

  4. I can't wait to see your completed projects. And your aqua coffee table....I just bought the EXACT same coffee table (except with it's original light wood finish) at a church yard sale on Friday. It's a beautiful and heavy piece. Mine needs some TLC and I've got to choose a paint or stain color, but I'm happy to see yours for inspiration.

  5. Kimberlie, that's how I purchased mine too. The original honey pine was really scratched and in bad shape. I hope you have fun refinishing it- its a nice piece!

  6. I used to have a coffee table just like yours in college, but it wasn't painted. Seeing your creativity makes me wish I still had it!

  7. WOW
    You have been one busy girl, can't wait to see everything finished!

  8. Oh no fair, I want to see the rest of it. It looks wonderful so far though!

    I couldn't respond to your comment on my blog because it was a non-reply blogger, so here is what I was going to say--

    The Stawflower color is really so wonderful, you are going to love it! Can't wait to see the transformation!

  9. you were spot on, that mirror looks so good in blue!!


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