Rummage sale adventures

First of all, I wanted to say thank you to Rhoda at Southern Hospitality for featuring my nail head coffee table today! wow!  She has a fun linky party on thrifty finds every Monday- it was on hiatus for a bit, but it's up and running again if you've never partied there before.

What a blast...
There is nothing like a parking lot full of other people's stuff! At amazing prices!!!
The St. Joseph's Rummage Sale is an annual event in our city, and I made plans to get there early last Thursday.

My dad was the only brave soul willing to get up at an ungodly hour so we could be first in line. :)  We had a great time talking while we waited, and he was the best assistant!  We make a good team.
The doors opened at 9am - we were there with coffee in hand by 7am. (thanks Ike Box, for my awesome Nasrudin latte!!)

We were able to scope out all the goodies while we were waiting to be let in. The parking lot was full of furniture, plants, toys, electronics....and that was just outside.  The gym was a whole other story!

I scored some cute stuff: my bee line first purchase was this Kooboo style chair. You would faint if I told you how much- but since I plan to sell it, that just feels weird.  It was a deal for sure.

Have you seen these chairs?
Cost plus Kooboo chair $149.99

While I was cleaning up my new purchase, I noticed a sticker on the bottom: Palecek Norman Rockwell collection. I'd never heard of Palecek, so I Googled it, and it is a to-the-trade upscale furniture company!  Wow! Here's a hint on my purchase price: I paid less than a tenth of the Cost Plus version!!  :)

I plan on replacing the seat cover- maybe in a cute French stripe, or maybe I'll do something a little more artistic....

This vintage copper / metal bread box was too cute. 
It will be heading into my Etsy shop soon- I need to clean it up a bit more.

What is this? you may be wondering?

 My dad said it was an oil drip pan for changing the oil on your car.  I thought it would make an adorable oversize metal magnet board!  Some lettering at the top, and some cute magnets....oh boy!

 This vintage secretary is in primo shape. 

Love the knobs, and the construction is solid.  I have already started working on this piece. It's sanded and primed. I hope to have it done by the end of the week.
Don't you just love the vintage wheels on the bottom?

  This will be going up for sale once it is complete as well.

Finally, I saw this silver shell server in the gym, and passed on it.  Later in the day, I went back and got it.  I have some plans for it later on- Christmas to be exact.  :)

So much fun! If you've never been to the St. Joseph's rummage sale, mark your calendar for next year! It is always the third weekend in June.  The best stuff goes early, so if you want the good stuff, come the first day.  Cash in hand is also best if you want to nab several items. (although they do take a check- it slows you down if you have your eye on something a few aisles over....)

How about you? what did you do this weekend?  Any amazing thrifty finds?  come and share them at my Transformations and Treasures on Wednesday!

Have a great Monday!


  1. Love your wicker chair. You found some goodies. Is that St. Josephs in Canoga Park? If it is, I used to go there when spending the weekend with my grandma and my parents were married there.


  2. Oh man!!! We missed it, the st josephs sale is one of our favorites! we scored an awesome retro kids' school desk there one year! You found some awesome stuff!

  3. WOW this would be a dream come true... looks like you found some great stuff...


  4. What fun and great pieces. I miss going to flea markets.

  5. Hi Denise-

    That looks like a fabulous flea market.Wish I could have gone. Love the chair.
    My best- Diane

  6. The East Moreland Neighborhood Sale in Portland was this past well as 4 other neighborhood sales in Tualatin and was fun!

  7. Wow, nothing better than a big rummage sale! I would have went early too!


  8. Hi Denise ~
    Love that chair!! Great find!! Just the words Rummage Sale sends my heart racing, lol!! Found you while I was poking around on FB :)) Liked your page and love your blog but was unable to follow you :( Hopefully Blogger will get this resolved sooner than later!!
    Have a wonderful day!!

  9. Oh yeah... Love your little Bella too!! We have a pug named Max :))

  10. Refreshed the page and your followers popped up!!! Now following :))

  11. Lucky girl to find such great things AND be in weather that required a sweater! I'm so jealous. Great finds...looks like such a fun day. : )

    Can't wait to see what you do with all your treasures.


  12. Wow, that looks like an awesome sale. I love the chair you found! I would have grabbed it up too! I cannot wait to see what you do with the secretary.


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