Porch Patio and Deck linky party

Yes, it's Wednesday, and we're celebrating our weekly linky party a little differently today!
If you're new here, normally I have the Transformations and Treasures party- today it's all about outdoor living. 

My photos that I was going to share today on my trash to treasure table aren't uploading to Blogger.
If you knew how much time I spent staging this last night, you know why I want to cry right now.  And wishing very much I would've finished this post last night when everything was working, instead of getting up early to try and finish it.
*sob, sniff*

Here's the one photo I did get uploaded last night.  Hoping Blogger will be working for me to finish this post maybe tomorrow.

I hope you enjoyed the first day of summer yesterday!
Link up your outdoor spaces and show us how you enjoy the warmer weather!

**P.S. since posting this, I figured out how to upload the photos. It is really a pain, but if you're having issues like me, try this:
In your composer box, there are two tabs in the top right- Edit HTML and Compose mode.  If you click on 'edit HTML', photos can be uploaded in HTML mode.  You can then click back over to 'compose' mode and edit the rest of your post that way, pictures and all.  Hoping Blogger gets this fixed soon!!!! my original post for today will be up tomorrow!  : /  **


  1. The picture you are able to show is beautiful, though.

    I can't get pictures to upload to Blogger either, and I had some lovely back deck photos to share :(

  2. That's why I stopped uploading on Blogger...too many problems. I've been posting using Windows Live Writer, a free download and much more user friendly than Blogger. Used to take me ages to download, waste of my time. Since using WLW I've never experienced ANY problem, you can cut and paste photos, resize, etc. (and they download really quick). Give it a try and see if it works for you better than Blogger!


  3. ....btw, your outdoor table is gorgeous!

  4. Denise, Absolutely gorgeous!! Love all the details.

  5. We all know this frustration! UGHH! So sorry! You have a beautiful sneak preview! Thanks for the tips. And for hosting! I'm lovin summer. I hope you are too!

  6. Hi Denise, thank you so much for your visit and for the advice on how to post my pictures. I'm hoping to get some quiet time this evening to work on my back deck post. Sounds like I'm in for some frustration, so maybe I'll have a glass of wine first! Thanks again~ Yvonne

  7. Hi Denise! I feel your pain with the whole blogger/computer thing...very frusturating! I love your table, just beautiful and ready for a party. I can't wait to see more photos. Sorry I put my actual name in where I should have named my post... whoops! That's what happens when you are movin' too fast :) What a fun linky party!



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