topiary urns

This is one of those "I finally got it pulled together" projects!! Do you have those?  Something that sits there and mocks you day after day, reminding you that you haven't completed it yet?

This past January, I decided I needed something in my dining room windows to draw your eye forward- and less to the fact that our neighbors house is within an arm's reach.  I added the urns to the windows, but didn't have anything in them!  I thought this would be a quick fix, but it took me until May to finally get what I wanted in them.

As you can see, I also switched out the curtain panels to an airy-er white version from Ikea.

So nice to have the completed urns!  I got the topiary balls from Real Deals.  It is a great store run by my friend Sherlai and her business partner.  They truly do have some great deals in there.  The topiary balls shown here were only $6.99 each!

It was time for a fresh centerpiece on my dining room table, and my mom let me cut some lilacs from their garden.  My lilac bush died last year during a cold snap.  I'm so sad.  I need to replace it.
I mixed in some blooms from our snowball bush that is in full bloom right now!

If you've never seen a snowball bush or heard of one, I encourage you to check them out.  They are one of the best plants to have in the garden.  They grow very quickly (about 12" a year here) have year round interest- bright red maple like leaves in the fall, lime green and then white blooms in the spring, and green leaves in the summer that create a nice screen.  They are very twiggy, so even in the winter there is something going on.  Super easy to take care of- there's not much to it.  You plant it and give it a little water and fertilizer now and then (or not) and they pretty much do their thing!

We planted ours three years ago when we moved in, and it was in a one gallon container.  (so only about a foot and a half high) you can see from this photo that it has finally grown past the top of the fence!  Once it stops blooming, it will continue to grow through the summer.  Love plants like this.

Some faux plants, some real- I love having beautiful things to enhance my day to day life.
Have a great weekend. 

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  1. I love those snowball flowers - what beautiful blooms! I'll have to look into them and see if they grow well in the Northeast.

  2. The topiaries look great and he lilac arrangement is so pretty. I love snowballs and lilacs. I really need to plant a snowball bush.

  3. I love topiaries and yours look awesome! So sad about your lilac bush, they smell heavenly. I have two snowball bushes, they are about 9 years old and are half way up the second story! They remind me of huge hydrangeas which don't seem to grow here in Colorado. Mine have the lime green flowers on them right now so the white blooms are just around the corner! Yay!


  4. Love your topiaries, what a GREAT price. Snowballs are so pretty, so are lilacs. I've never had a lilac but would love to get one. Now following you...have a GREAT week! :)

  5. I love your urns and those topiary balls look perfect in them, Denise! Thanks for visitng me today! : )

  6. Very cute and I love the flowers, so pretty!! Your curtain panels are so pretty as well I need to get to Ikea!! :)


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