Feature: House Revivals and my first guest post

**UPDATE**  Please let me know if the photos in here are disappearing- it's been off and on all morning!  My apologies!

Hello friends!  Today I am guest posting at Hyphen Interiors!  It is such an honor, and my first time guest posting anywhere.  Kristy is a super talented interior decorator and a newer blogger herself.  (but you'd never know it!) I hope you'll stop by and say hi.  :)

Kristy is running a weekly series called Before the Paparazzi.  Lots of great advice from newish bloggers and what we've learned along the way so far.  I've been really impressed with her guests!  Thanks again for including me in such a talented line up.

That said, I am so happy to be featuring another blogger here today- 
Amanda from House Revivals!

Amanda is an interior designer working in both residential and commercial fields.  She is also super crafty and has some great tutorials.
I found her blog in the last few months through a party, and was so impressed with the work she does and the remodel of their beach house:

You can see the extensive work they have going on right now!  The are lifting the entire structure to regain beach views.  A large sand dune has reduced the visibility, and when they saw an opportunity to purchase this place, they did, and went to work on it.  The house had been slated for demolition!  They raised the house up nine feet, including the chimney. 

I loved her idea board for their guest room:

Wouldn't you just love to wake up and walk out those french doors first thing in the morning?
Amanda also loves crafting, and has several great tutorials on her blog.  This project was one of the first I saw of hers, and of course she had me with the Union Jack!  Don't you just love those dimensional metal letters?  Except they aren't metal- she created them with cardboard!  Brilliant!

Amanda loves projects with a vintage feel (my kinda girl!)  and I am totally digging these beautiful paper flowers she created!!  They are made with vintage crepe paper.

And how about these old world Christmas stars made from vintage book pages??  Love the tipped edges in glitter.  :)  So pretty.

Amanda has so much fun making these and lots of other projects,
and she is great about sharing all the how tos.

She has even started a series on bad MLS kitchens designs!  She gives tips on how to make the space safer and more functional and beautiful on a budget.

I hope you will visit Amanda's blog, House Revivals- lots of great design tips, fun projects, and a major house makeover to peek in on!
Thanks so much for letting me feature you today!!


  1. Ugh, no pics showing for me! I'll stop back by later and see if the problem has been corrected. Blogger has really been having some issues lately, haven't they?!? At least this time I was able to leave a comment!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  2. Thank you for the lovely feature, Denise!

  3. I am so in love with your guest post. You did such a great job. If you are reading this and you blog, you definitely want to hear what Denise says. As for the pics, I can't see them. They are all broken images. :( Darn blogger.

  4. I know, I am so sorry about the photos!!! I keep checking in to see if it's showing, and so far, it seems to be holding. I don't know why it's doing this. :( Commenting also seems to be overfiltered at the moment. I am having to moderate everything and it's never done that before!

  5. Worth waiting for those images to show up! Awesome. I am in love with the union jack love art!!


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