decorative shelf and specimen art

This cute little vintage shelf was something I picked up a couple months ago at a tag sale. 
It was $10, and I couldn't pass it up since I had been searching for something for the water closet in our master bath.

I love all the cutouts on the sides.  It's been nice to finally (after 3 years!) have all the necessary essentials within reach. 

I purchased most of the accessories at TJ Maxx.  This wooden bowl hides some of my goods.

The Ralph Lauren toothbrush holder became a semi private hiding place for the other womanly necessities.  ;)

This weathered picture frame was on clearance there, and I especially liked the seashell print...and then I saw the very predominant 5x7 screaming in the middle of the art.  Boo. 
I liked it anyway, and had an idea of how to fix it.

I went through my stash of unbleached linen and cut a small piece of it to cover the "frame size".
The original plan was to tea stain a piece of textured paper, but in the end, I just used it as is.

I printed off a small tag with an Anthropologie-ish look and glued both to the shell paper.

It now looks like a high end custom piece of art!  Total cost, not including the linen and paper which I already had on hand, was around $4.

The finishing touch to my shelf was a vintage silver bowl with some white coral.  It just needed something with a bit of sparkle to round it all out.

I also glued a small shell over the nail head.  Much cuter than what you'd see otherwise!

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  1. Super cute! I love the shell over the nail - great idea!!

  2. those little touches were very smart and chic! Love the idea of covering the nail

  3. the artwork adjustments made a huge difference!

  4. I can't believe how adding that label totally changed the piece! What a great idea. Love the shell over the nail too....I'll have to remember that one.

  5. That looks very nice. I love how you added the label to that clever :)

  6. What a darling little masterpiece for your bathroom. All the necessaries and all the perfect accessories. I love what you did with the print, looks as good or BETTER than anything I've ever seen in Anthropologie. Your shelf is just blooming with your creativity!

  7. The {fig 2} detail on that print is awesome! It really makes it so special and uniques!

  8. Love this shelf, so pretty!!!!
    Hope your doing well!

  9. So pretty!! Great way to be thrifty too. (And I love how you kept it real with your 'womanly necessities'! ;)


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