spring has sprung at IKEA!

Friday was my mother in law's birthday and we (my two SIL's, FIL, and myself) went up to Ikea! 
My mom in law, Peggy, is the best- she is always telling me how much she loves my blog and is such a wonderful part of my life. 
Happy Birthday!!

I wanted to show you some of the fabulous spring items IKEA has in stores right now, in case you haven't been recently.  Unfortunately, my very favorite find of the day isn't on their website yet, so I can't show you that one.  I'm putting it on my bday wish list for sure though!

I saw a set of these cute little pots while I was there- small, medium, and large.  The prices were $2.99 - $5.99!  At these prices, a grouping of them would be amazing!

These large area rugs came in turquoise, spring green and hot pink.  The website only shows the green and blue, but these are bright, fun, and very eye catching!
The floor cushions were also in the same area as the above area rugs- these would be so fun in a kid's playroom or on an outdoor deck space.  They aren't outdoor fabric, so you'd have to be careful of fading and weather, but still- fun and punchy.
All of the outdoor furniture was making me anxious for warmer weather- I know exactly where I'd put this gazebo in my backyard.  Some big terracotta pots filled with lush green plants... a rustic outdoor chandelier hanging in the middle... a wicker coffee table for drinks...ahhhh!  :)
LOVE this cushioned bench seat!! The neutral fabric would look adorable in the navy gazebo, no?
This set also comes in a turquoise♥   :)  I like the metal framing for outside use.
These candles are so yummy in their colors.  At Ikea prices, I'm envisioning a whole bunch of these down the middle in varying heights on my Easter table. 

These next two items aren't "new" at Ikea, but I just think they need to be included in the lineup! 
This whimsical basket reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.  Wouldn't these be adorable for an outdoor tea party for little girls?  Stacks of teacups inside with some pansies?  You could even put some clear serving bowls in the middle for a buffet!  I could have so much fun with these!!!
I still can't believe I haven't purchased this crown basket yet.  I see this on top of a bookcase or mantel.  I also think it would be great in a sophisticated princess bedroom for a little girl. It's very large- about 14"- wouldn't it make for a great statement piece?

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday~ I am going to go bake a cherry pie for my mother in law's party.  Family will be here in a few hours!  See you tomorrow!


  1. I love the crown basket and those gorgeous pots. A pretty outdoor spring themed room could be achieved with those candles etc.


  2. I was just at Ikea yesterday and the crown basket came home with me. Love the polka dots too.


  3. Hi Denise! I hope you are doing well, I have been out of it for a while. I LOVE these!!! What a fun way to spend a day. I really really need to get to Ikea, the outdoor furniture is amazing!!

    Have fun celebrating her birthday and have a wonderful week!!

  4. OK, I'm heading to IKEA! I love the crown basket, I bet one of these crafty bloggers will decorate it...so cute and the candles, thanks for the heads up!!!


  5. I'm going to Ikea next week - can't wait! Those are some cute finds! Not sure what I'll end up with. :)

  6. Oh how i wish an Ikea was closer to me than 4 hours.
    Maybe a road trip is in order.


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