party ideas from one of my favorite sites!

Today's the day. 
My birthday. 
It's kinda significant.
My last birthday in my 30's.  Hmmmm......

I look forward to birthdays, and this year is no exception.
I just have my eyes set on something else coming up very soon! 
One of my very favorite sites that I discovered shortly before I started blogging, is Hostess with the Mostess.
It is jam packed with beautiful, bright and fun photos, and ideas galore.
Plus, it has printables, recipes, drinks, and where to buy.

This lemonade themed party is just gorgeous!! Love the hanging parasols, and the bright and cheery colors.  It just makes me smile.

Lemonade Stand Soiree Tablescape

Don't you just love how even Twinkies look elegant in this setting?
(bottom right....)

Beautiful Table & Drinks

I have a set of these very same glasses- just so pretty with a little vintage nod.
This next party theme is for a little girl's birthday, but I still like the woodland fantasy idea!

Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood Woodland Birthday Party

Little Red Riding Hood Woodland Birthday Party
The earthy colors and pops of red- so fun! There's a tutorial on some super yummy looking chocolate cupcakes with a pistachio topping.  Mmmmmm!

Jack Daniels 40th birthday theme:
I'm not into whiskey, but this theme cracked me up!! The adaptation for a milestone birthday is perfect.  Not to mention the menu:
Jack Daniel's inspiration board
So creative.  I hope Jack was surprised.  And didn't mind the "old" bit...   LOL!
Jack Daniel's party graphics

Gorgeous colors, simple ideas... this is why I love this blog!  (plus, you had me at the ball fringe...)
turquoise glasses, the mossy grassy pots packed in bright modern vases...LOVE!
Spring theme:

Modern Centerpiece - Pattern + Color

Spectacular bouquet- this would be gift enough in my book.

Modern Centerpiece - Pattern + Color

Modern Centerpiece - Pattern + Color

If you haven't been to Hostess with the Mostess, I hope this inspires you to add them to your lineup of blog love.  Daily inspiration for creative ideas!

Their latest?  Royal wedding theme...  ;)

And just because, here's my favorite rendition of the birthday song- from my favorite era.


  1. Happy birthday.May you create something beautiful to help celebrate!!Enjoy.

  2. Happy Birthday! I love all of the different party pictures--so pretty!



  4. Happy Birthday to you! Love the Jack Daniels theme and the Red riding hood.

  5. Happy Birthday Honey!! have a great day doing whatever it is that pleases you.

  6. Happy Birthday Denise! I hope that you have a wonderful day! These party ideas are so cool, maybe you can mix and match! :)

  7. Happy Birthday Denise! Hope you have a happy day and year ahead!!

  8. Wishing you a happy birthday!

  9. Happy birthday Denise! Maybe the sun will shine a little bit for YOU today! I am really enjoying your blog!

  10. happy happy day. what fun parties to feast on.

  11. Happy Birthday! I hope you are having a fabulous day! Lovely pics!

  12. Wishing you a very very happy birthday!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  13. Happppppppppyyyyyyyy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! =)


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