living room changes

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes yesterday! I had a great day of shopping and eating!!

One of the nicest surprises yesterday was finding that the Graphics Fairy featured my 'Good Day' dresser! wow! She really made my day  :)

I would also be remiss in saying that I won a giveaway a week and a half ago from Melanie at the Frosted Gardner- a Ramsign house number.  Words cannot even express how excited I am to get the new and chuck the old! I was never impressed with the selection that the builder put up, so this will be much more 'me".  I hope to show you the switcheroo after it arrives!

With all of the swapping, and making over of the office, I figured it was time for a living room update.
I really wish I had the first photo of how this room looked.
It has morphed several times in the past three years, steadily improving with each makeover.


Here's how it's looking today.  If you missed the earlier posts on swapping out the shelving for the new rope shelves, you can see a quick look here:

unpainted, in messy office

primed, in new space

Stage 1
  You can see where we've come so far.  The dark leather chairs have been swapped out for two non matching chairs.  This really lightened up the feel of the room, and created a ton more space.

I lined the back of all the shelves with vintage sheet music.  I toyed around with the idea of some decorative papers in colors, but since I had this on hand, I decided to be frugal.  Plus, the graphic and subtle look of the paper would blend in better with everything else already going on here.

I stacked the baskets for a textural and visual break from the pastels and white. It adds warmth to the room too.  The clock was made by my grandpa. The two shabby chic plates are one of my favorite finds- I got a set of four from a thrift shop.  They are perfectly faded and go great with the colors in here!  I really need to get some more Disc Hangers so the plates don't have the wire hangers showing....

Across from the clock and baskets is this little side table.  Not much has changed here, but I did a little rearranging and added in this stack of bundled vintage letters.  I got these from a tag sale.  They are letters from a sister to her physician brother in Oregon City, Oregon.  I haven't read them. The lady who was selling these told me about the history.  Someday I might read them.  But for now I like the mystery of the details.  ;)

I'm toying with the idea of painting this table white, but we'll see....what do you vote for? Wood or white?

My grandma's milk glass vase, mercury glass votive, and the rocks are still here.  I just love them.
It might look like a pile of gray rocks to you, but for me, they are a reminder of the last time I visited my BFF in Carlsbad, California.  The beach was loaded with them, and I think about the visit with her.

My grandma's vintage buttons that I played with as a child.  So many pretty and interesting ones, they fill in for candy in my tiered holder.

The only change to the writing desk is the frame above it.  One of the oval mirrors that I added above the two shelves used to be above the desk.

And for the final overview (literally!)

This is the view from the staircase.  The addition of the mirrors behind the glass hurricanes is an update I am really enjoying.  It needed something there, but I didn't want anything too fussy.
As much as I love my turquoise coffee table, I am working on a new one to replace it.  It's round, and those puppies are hard to find- I snagged one at a thrift shop with a price tag that couldn't be beat.

 Even though the changes to this room are better, I'm sure this won't be the last morph this room will see.  I'm still not 100% satisfied with it, but it's coming along! 
(maybe it's in my nature that I never will be satisfied with it???)

Have a great Tuesday, see you tomorrow for Transformations and Treasures!


  1. Love the room. it looks sooo cozy. The turquoise table is great! My living room hasn't changed in a while. may be time after I finally finish my stairs.

  2. You did an amazing job! I love everything & the buttons in the tiered holder is perfect! The fact that they were your Grangmother's , how special!
    Have a pretty day!

  3. Hi Denise! Happy belated birthday! I'm glad to hear you had a fun day! Your living room looks so beautiful, inviting, comfortable and chic! Nice work! See you tomorrow at the party!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  4. Happy belated birthday! Your living room looks great! I love the blue coffee table.. makes me wish I hadn't gone white:)

  5. The ever evolving rooms, what would we do if we weren't always changing things?? :) I think paint the wood table white! I love your turquoise table, I always love to see it in your photos. It is such a fun pop of color. I get it if you are wanting a new round one, it's always fun to change!


  6. it really looks so cozy it!
    also, i really admire how you have family items from grandparents and reminders of friends in the room. i need to do more of that! i LOVE the turquoise table!! i know what you mean about a round one though...
    happy belated birthday :)

  7. looking i want to know how you keep your family from messing with all the "little" things the pile of letters. does it bother you if it gets moved? i'm always a step behind straightening, and then i get told we live in a museum!

  8. It looks great! And so cozy!! Oh, and I totally would have read those letters as soon as I bought them! LOL

  9. So glad I joined your blog! I just "happened" upon it last week and have enjoyed your writing and creativity immensely.
    Your vintage paper lining your shelves has given me some food for thought. It looks fantastic!

    p.s. I would paint your table white. I think nothing freshens room like a white table or chair. When my children were small, I had an "older" Icelandic woman who cared for them part-time. Her old farmhouse was a dream. She always told me, "if you have an odd chair you don't know what to do with, paint it white, it will go anywhere and look beautiful!" She was right.


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