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Did you notice the title didn't say reveal or finished?

I guess it is a reveal, but it's definitely not finished.
Finished enough to finally be productive?
And that's what I needed to do with this room.  I will add things to this space over time and it may finally have a time where it is "finished" but really, I wanted a room where I could work, and like the space I was working in.  And for now, I've accomplished that!

Without further ado, here's the before and after pics:

What I started with was a junk room.  It was in a shade of pink that just kept reminding me of a baby nursery, not the vintage soft pink I had intended.

Just seeing this picture makes me a little sick all over again.  Not a fun place to be in.

After clearing everything out, I repainted the room in a much softer pink- Benjamin Moore's Touch of Pink, mixed in Home Depot's Behr eggshell.

The next step was adding additional shelving to get everything off of the floor!
I went for inexpensive shelving that I could easily install myself.
I color coordinated all of my fabric scraps to help make pieces easier to find and look more organized.

My sewing area went from this:

To this!  A nice cozy spot to work in. The oversized scissors were a thrift shop find that I painted, and I have special mementos on the shelf- an picture of my mom when she was 5, my daughter, and my college diploma- to remind me I can do anything I set my mind to.
I love the red painting- I did it on a whim, and it's very cheery and fun.

The gun rack turned ribbon organizer transformation:

The beginning of the wallpaper project! I've seen a few examples of this done before- but only on walls.  I thought it would add a 'wow' factor to the space, and some warmth and texture.
The beginning stage:
(chapter one- ha ha!)

and the completed ceiling!

The last little bit of space on the ceiling felt like that last stretch on a long road trip, where all you want to do is be home and be done!!
Here's a closeup of the ceiling:

I wanted it to be a little bit random, so I put the pages up going vertically and horizontally. I also wanted there to be a little bit of texture, so I only glued the middle of the pages.  Basically, anywhere there was text, was what I applied the glue to on the page. That way, the edges slightly curl.

I used 7 paperbacks.  The room is about a 10'x12', and I had a few extra pages left over.  I'll probably use the extras if / when I switch out the light fixture to fill in around as needed.  I also went through one small and one large bottle of Mod Podge.  This process was done in about 8- 10 hours total.

I love the new curtains! Very simple, but love the romantic, vintage feel they add to the room. I fluffed them out just to add a smidge of privacy.  The house next door is vacant, so we'll see down the road if I need to add some more privacy, but I crave natural light, so I'm glad I can keep them somewhat open.  I'm thinking I may just add some ferns in some pretty pots to help act as a bit of a screen.

The shelves are all loaded up, and I love being able to see what I need.  I'm hoping to add some more of the red ball fringe to the edges of the shelves soon.

My 'mail center'. This little shelving unit holds my postal scale, bubble wrap, and supplies for when I ship out my Etsy items. I also used the top for more decor- the wood box is an artists palette and I love having it out where I can see it.  The magazine is just for fun- I love Gwen Stefani!!

Last but not least, is my giant drafting table. I got this at the State Surplus warehouse.  Salem is the capital of Oregon, and about 20 minutes away is a huge warehouse where the state recycles their office furniture. I got the table for $15 when it was a 50% off day!  The top even tilts up!
My task lighting is the LOBBO light fixtures from Ikea.  They cost about $20 total.

The desk is very heavy and sturdy.  It even has a couple drawers for me to store additional supplies.

I picked up these wire paper baskets from a thrift shop (4 total) for $5.  I am using them to store my upcoming projects that are waiting in the wings!

Right next to the door is a large set of sliding drawers to hold paints, ribbons, paper, etc.
I got this old library file drawer for free and use it to store my business cards.  I can grab a few on my way out the door, and close it up out of sight when I need to!

Thank you so much for touring my craft room!  I am so happy that I have a clear uncluttered space, that feels like me, and what I create. It's been a fun process, and I'm glad I can get going on some creative projects without any more hindrances!  :)

I want to let you know since I don't usually do two posts in one day, that I will be hosting a giveaway here for a new Etsy shop!  Look for it here shortly!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Hi Denise! I love it! It feels great to be organized doesn't it? I noticed I have the exact same drafting table in my workroom!! I painted mine aqua, and I love the large space it offers to spread things out over....

  2. Wow - what a fun room! It looks great and very organized. I would love to have a craft room - maybe then I would be inspired to be more creative! Great job - I am glad I found your blog over at Thrifty Decor Chick!

  3. It looks Fabulous!! love your organized area and the book pages, wow! What patience that must have taken! Good for you Girl, it's amazing. You'll have lots of fun in there now!


  4. Beautiful! That ceiling is beyond amazing.

  5. O My Goodness, love that ceiling!!! Love your blog by the way. Have a great night

  6. that ceiling to is die for. love the pretty in pink poster...

  7. Denise, I love what you've done. I love looking at people's craft room ideas. Mines slowly getting there. Thanks so much for the tour.

    Lisa x

  8. OOhh I just notice Gwen Stefani. Love her too. My daughter dress up as her for school when she was about 5 or 6. She had a blond wig, houndstooth black and white skirt, and I copied the font and did a Love Angel Music Baby t-shirt for her. She looked so cute.

    Lisa x

  9. I bet your going to create some real beauty in there!

  10. I love the gun rack ribbon organizer! You should come link up at DIY Thrifty Thursday at

  11. Love your room. But your arms must have been killing you by the time you got through. :)

  12. Love your craft room! I found your blog at Between Naps on the Front Porch. You have such great ideas and I'm your newest follower! I'd love it if you'd follow me back:
    Again, you did a fantastic job with this!! :-)

  13. Hi Denise
    Just having a peak at the archives. I agree that you really need a pretty and organized place to be creative. Love what you did. I am working on mine at the moment but there is soooo much to do. As they say, one job at a time!


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