a bicycle adventure

At Mile 19, there is an old white farmhouse that sits amidst towering Douglas Fir trees.
In front of the house is this sign:

In the three years that we've lived in our home, each spring, I see this sign.  I find it incredibly charming in it's details- the notched edges, the almost calligraphy-like aspect of the painted letters.

This Spring Break, we are enjoying the simple things.  When the sign popped up, I said to Hannah, 'wouldn't it be fun to ride our bikes over there and buy some daffodils?
Our one and only day that was scheduled for dry weather fit perfectly into our plan.

We hopped on our bikes, and set out on our adventure.
I have always loved bike riding. 
Two years ago, two days before Christmas, Hannah told us she was asking Santa for a very special present for us.  Santa was a very wise and clever man- as he always is- and clued us into Hannah's wish:
Bikes for mom and dad. 
Two days before Christmas, and all of the Christmas presents bought already.
Santa left a note that year saying that he would let the people at the bike store know that we would have bikes waiting for us in the spring.

We set off down our road, headed towards the daffodils.

Past the schoolyard filled with daisies....

...and empty farm fields. 
The Cascade mountain range still showing signs of winter.

At last we made it to the farm. 
A small bucket with a bundle of cut daffodils awaiting the next buyer.
A hand written note saying, 'Please pay by the back porch'.
I asked Hannah to hold the flowers while I put our money in the bucket.

We put them carefully in the basket for our ride home.

We were enjoying the nice weather and ride so much, we decided to take a detour through a neighborhood with a golf course.  We rode around the perimeter of the neighborhood and stopped at my favorite place- a little wooden bridge with this serene view:

We headed home, and I put our $1 purchase in a simple jar by the front door. 

I enjoy the simple things in life.


  1. Wonderful Adventure ! In these magic little moments lies the very best of life !

  2. How lovely, the tour, the images and the story.

    lisa x

  3. Great post! My son picked some of these same flowers from a field today and brought them to me. They're in a vase in the kitchen window :)

    Nice reminder to enjoy the little things!

  4. Aw, such a cute and sweet post. Love it!

  5. Aww... what a sweet post, Denise! I love your bike. Hannah has such a sweet face! Looks like a day to remember. The small things are really the big things in reality.
    Yellow flowers make me smile :)

  6. Look at those pretty daffodils, I think I would've just about filled that basket full of them. It sounds like a nice relaxing day :)


  7. Great post. Really. Thank you for taking me on your little ride. I needed that. :)

  8. What a great post. You should really hook up to Sarah @ A Beach Cottage's Good Life Wednesday for this one! BTW, can you please tell me what kind of bicycle yours is - I am looking for one of them but have no idea. Many thanks.

  9. Be still my heart!!!! Such a sweet post and what a cutie your daughter is!!

  10. A pretty perfect day wouldn't you say?Enjoy!

  11. What a nice post for a beautiful spring day. I'm hoping we can get at least a few days without rain and enjoy the spring blossoms.

  12. Hi Denise! What a sweet post! Your daughter is darling and I am so envious of your aqua bike with the charming basket on front!
    Looking forward to your purse party!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  13. How nice to actually enjoy the outdoors! So glad spring is here and I seriously think I need to hunt down some daffodils to brighten my kitchen today after seeing your beauties!

  14. I am so glad it's finally spring. I love riding my bike, but it's so much nicer when it's not cold and snowing. And the scenery where you live is GORGEOUS!!


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