antique chair makeover with faux French grain sack seat

I keep thinking of that Ferris Bueller quote where he says, "life moves pretty fast- if you don't stop and look around once in awhile you could miss it".

Yeah, I'm an 80's girl.  And I quote John Hughes movies.

What does this have to do with anything?
I feel like life is moving at lightning fast speed at the moment, and I love it.  But it is causing some things to take a back seat.  So that's not entirely good, but I am so happy right now. 

My decorating partner in crime Miss Janna and myself are working on decorating our church lobby before Easter weekend arrives, so I am trying to keep up with that.
It involves ordering furniture and shopping, so it's fun to be doing something in a field I love!

I am also sending in my first application for a show that is 2 weeks before Easter.  I'm super excited about it, but knowing how much works goes into that kind of production.

...And just day to day life
Laundry, bill paying, errands, house chores, grocery shopping, Bible study group, home group, blogging....This is my life! 
And I wouldn't change a thing.

So, here's one project that I will be submitting to the Spring Heritage Faire in April.  I am super happy with how it turned out!

Here was the before.  I picked this up just shortly after New Year's from a thrift shop.
It has the original tags on the bottom of the seat cover.  The thrift shop had it labeled from 1937, but I don't see anything on the chair itself indicating that.  Maybe when it was dropped off the owner let them know?  It is very old for sure.

It has great lines, and is really solid.

I took off the red, deteriorating seat and sanded the wood.  Gave it two coats of primer and then a couple coats of white semi gloss paint.
Once it was dry, I distressed all of the raised edges.  I applied a watered down stain over all of the distressed areas, and then wiped everything with a lightly dampened rag.

I've been using this stain for years and I just love it!  It's actually a craft paint, but I love the tone of it, and I've always had good luck with it.  Delta's Home Decor wood stain.

For the seat cover, I used an osnaburg- a very nubby linen look fabric.  I love the look of it.
It was my first time using the freezer paper method for stenciling, and it worked great! 
Because I used a font that had a lot of tiny middle pieces, it was a little tricky, but once I peeled it off, it looked fantastic!

I just used a black acrylic paint and brushed it on.  For an additional aged look, I always wash the painted fabric again- it ages it beautifully.

I have a second chair that I will be working on for the faire as well- I see some blue skies, so I am hoping to get my paint applied while I have the chance!

Have a great weekend friends!

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  1. Great make flies by but it is wonderful when we r doing the things we love...even if we have to stop for bills..laundry and the day to day chores of REAL life.

    Happy weekend....

  2. The chair looks fabulous- I love the stain you used! I have never heard of osnaburg- can't wait to check it out. Your post reminds of the saying "if you want something to get done, ask a busy woman!" :)

  3. Love it!!!! I have a chair that I need to reupholster the seat. Were did you learn the freezer paper method for stenciling? If you could let me know I would appreciate it.
    Thanks Rebecca

  4. I love this, it looks amazing.

  5. I've been in the furniture business for many years and I have to say you did a great job.You made something ugly, so charming.Pay me a visit at Brambly-love to hear from you.


  6. OOps I think you will have to do a Tutorial on freezer paper! I love the chair, I just passed one up yesterday and now I wish I would have bought it! Wow doing a show is a really big deal, I have never done one. Can't wait to follow your show journey!


  7. It is beautiful Denise, I love the stain color and the seat cover turned out gorgeous! How exciting for you, you have lots coming up. Good luck to you and have fun!

  8. I love the chair. It's perfect. One day I'll have a go at that method of transferring.

    Lisa x

  9. I. Love. That. Chair.

    It is so gorgeous! So my style! I need to figure out an easy way for transfering images. I'm with the other ladies, tell us how!


  10. Now this is one FABULOUS chair make over!!! Wanna come visit and show me your magic??? You're amazing.

  11. Hi Denise,

    The chair turned out beautiful.

    Can you share how to do the freezer stencil method? I've been trying to make a couple toss pillows, and both failed using other transfer methods!!!



  12. Love the chair makeover...tres jolie!

  13. What a great project! The chair turned out wonderful.

  14. That looks beautiful! What an amazing makeover! I love the print you put on the fabric.

    I agree, life does just whizz on by!

  15. Your chair looks fabulous! I'll have to check out that fabric - I love the texture to it. Great job!

  16. I love the way you finished this chair, thanks for the great step by step instructions. I think your chair will look beautiful in your home.

  17. Nice job on the chair!

  18. Oh you know I love this Denise!!! It is absolutely darling! I just saw a chair with such similar lines at the thrift store the other day too.... hmmmm. Thanks for sharing at FNF! :) Hugs, Courtney

  19. What a great project! thislooks very professional and absolutely how the lettring turned out as well.Thank you for becoming my latest follower- and welcome to Modern Country Lady.Have a great week!!!!

  20. The chair looks great! Also love that you are a fellow believer. :)

  21. I love how the chair turned out! I know it was a lot of work, but he finished product is so worth it!

  22. Your chair turned out so pretty, Denise! I never heard of osnaburg. Is that a more economical option than linen?

  23. I forgot to mention that I'm coming over from Lauren's place after I saw her feature. :)

  24. I just love doing projects like this! yours turned out great!

  25. I have enjoyed my visit...and am now a new follower! pop over some time and say hi

  26. Wow- what a transformation! I am in awe at your stencling!!! Fabulous!!!

    Visiting from White Wednesday! Stop by and see me at

  27. WOW! I just love that chair! The steciling looks amazing. Thanks so much for coming by today and linking it with me!

  28. i would love it if you shared this at my party, it goes from tues-thurs.

  29. This chair is fantastic I can't wait to get my hands on a chair to re-do! I love what you did.

  30. Great chair, love the paint and the fabric is wonderful.

  31. I LOVE this chair....Great job!!! thanks for sharing...

  32. thanks for sharing this at my party! it turned out so pretty. i love chairs.

  33. denise, you did a knockout job with that chair! it was pretty darn ugly and now it is just so pretty! i am impressed with the seat especially- beautiful! thanks for sharing!

  34. I swear blogs are better than any pottery barn magazine any day! This is WONDERFUL! I love it! I'd love to have you join my VIP party friday @

  35. This is so pretty, you did such a wonderful job!!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend, is it 5 yet? Tee hee :)

  36. Life as a blogger/mother/wife/etc does move fast, doesn't it! Yet, you have time to turn out a stunning chair. I was drooling over Miss Mustard Seed's grain sacks and was trying to figure out how to DIY it. PinkPostcard to the rescue - thank you!



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