office makeover: pillows and maps

I may regret this, but I'm going to let you in on one of my secret spots for finding treasures.
The library.

I know not all of you will have the same opportunity that I do, but our public library has a thrift shop!
I've found loads of vintage sheet music on the cheap, vintage postcards, and of course, lots of books.  The other day when I was in to see what goodies were there, I picked up three maps and an atlas for $3.30.  Yep, all of it. 

I mentioned last week that I had an idea up my sleeve for adding some more character to our rope shelves.  Here's what I did with my super thrifty find:

I wallpapered the space behind the shelves, starting with the three maps.  I just put them up in a random fashion- I wanted there to be uneven edges and overlapping.  Whatever spaces were left I went through and tore pages out of the atlas.  Double sided tape was what I used to hang them up.
I tried to keep everything with a surf / beach theme so all of the images lend to that.

Here are some closeups:

The oldest map I found was from 1962.  The other two were from the late '90's and mid '80's.  I wasn't necessarily trying to go for vintage- just stuff that would fit with the room.  I was thrilled they had a map of the California coastline!

Then I made these frayed denim pillow covers for our seagrass chairs.

 The pillow forms were something I already had on hand from another project.  They were 14" squares, and they make a great lumbar cushion for the chairs.  I purchased some thin twill type denim and just did a really simple open edge, frayed look.  Kind of like a pair of cutoffs.  :) 
The fabric is really soft, so it will be a nice addition!

It's really coming together!
I'm on the hunt for some smart storage for my hubby's organization needs for his side, and some general storage for files.  (Ballard...please?  can you restock those cute baskets?...)

I hope to see you tomorrow for my second Transformations and Treasures party!  

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  1. I love your shelves. So creative and thrifty.

  2. Love this idea Denise! How charming the maps look behind your shelves- what a great idea! :)

  3. love the husband is dying to do that in our house--i just don't have a spot right now. great job.

  4. I love maps!
    What a great idea!
    I was planning on doing a Man Room in maps.....but he said it was his room and he gets to do it his way.....

  5. Sigh, you had me at maps. I love maps, and am doing a map theme in my family room. They add so much interest to a room! I am your newest follower, found you through Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays @ Coastal Charm.

  6. Awesome, Denise! I ♥ the shelf and the maps!

  7. I love the maps, they really add character to the all ready wonderful shelves!

  8. I love maps too and what you did with them is so creative. They look wonderful against the blue wall.

  9. Ack! I love the maps!! I love how they overlap and are so freeform. And thanks for including Long Island... how I miss my hometown. ;)

  10. Another reason to love the library... your office is looking great!

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  12. Sorry my computer messed up while trying to post a comment. The wall looks amazing!! Following you from Make It Yours link party. Please stop by my blog when you can.

  13. I like this idea. I used thrifted book pages as wallpaper in my powder room.

  14. I have a giant stash of vintage maps ready to go up. I have them from the different world wars and a few other significant dates. I just haven't figured out how to put them up without ruining them. I want to do a whole wall, but your idea looks great! I wouldn't have thought of it!

    I followed you over from the linky party. I can't sign in using my new account but I'm Anna at And it's really nice to be here.

  15. Coolest shelf and wall treatment ever! Love the rustic take on it!

    And I really loved the pillow! I could totally see that on my son's bed. Love the scrappy edges... perfect!


  16. I have those laundry detergent jars. I put liquid soap in it and ugh! not doing that again, when we're though with the liquid, I'm going to powered much cleaner to use.
    I like your roap shelf too. Mel's Cabin visited your blog today.

  17. Hi Denise! I'm so glad Ms FJI Donna posted about you on FB. I'm happy to be following you know. LOVE your style, and you are house is "move in ready" until we place our family stamp of style in it : )

  18. This is really looking great and so comfy. What a great library source you have! I, personally , have always loved the library look.

    And love that shelving with rope!

  19. Denise, you never cease to amaze me. You are so beautifully creative!

  20. That looks just fantastic and I linked it to my globes and maps post too, well done!

  21. Your library has a thrift store!? I would DIE...especially if hubby didn't know and I could just tell him I was going to the "library"...

  22. love your wall, darling idea i may just b stealing :)


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