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I heard the above referenced 80's song by the Style Council yesterday, and it seemed to fit for this post!

I've been feeling the itch to switch up a few rooms / items in the house.  The living room and office are really playing off of each other these days, so there's a lot of switcheroo going on.

Even though I just slip covered the rocker for the office, I ended up moving it downstairs to our living room!  I think it is fitting so much better in there.  The more I've lived with the leather armchairs in the living room, they are just too dark and heavy for this area.  With our dark floors, dark dining set, and now the piano, it was just too much!

Here was the layout before I moved one of the chairs.
(I've been working on the bookcases some more- more to change here as well....too much "stuff"!)

...the "aerial" view.  LOL! Just taken from our staircase to give you an idea of how much more room is freed up by moving the armchair.  Wow!
(yes, I have lots more to do....I have some items stashed in the corner that need a new home...)

I'm strongly considering moving this recent hand me down: to the place of the other armchair.  A new seat cover for sure, but I just love all the fabulous details on this!
Where will the other armchair go? I have no idea at this point, but we'll figure it out!
I also added some new accessories to our secretary, it's getting more of the feel that I was after:

It's amazing how moving the armchair has helped both rooms.  With the office, it needed a more masculine feel to it- the Hollister stores (my inspiration for our office) always have a sitting area with old leather chairs, so I thought it was more fitting to have it in there.

I think a blue plaid pillow or throw would look great with this. 
Yes, I'm still looking for a shade for the pharmacy lamp! I thought I'd found one the other day, and forgot to put it in my cart.  :(

 I had this shell specimen in our master bedroom, but I'm also switching some things up in there.
I think it looks great as a backdrop on the shelves.  I'm also rethinking how I want this area to look- I have some plans up my sleeve to bring this more to life.

I also recently discovered this rug- hoping to add this to the office!
 The addition of the green would be nice to add into all of the blue.

Dash and Albert Marina Stripe
Ballard Designs letter size file box
I was so excited about this file box in my recent Ballard catalog- a cute way to have all of our file folders hidden in the handy basket.
(it would also make a nice side table to the armchair, no?)
And I noticed these three horrifying words:

no longer available

What??!  It just came out in the catalog!!  Oy.  Now I have to try and find another option.  Hopefully they will restock it!

So, that's what I am going to be doing. 
Tomorrow I have the opportunity to go here with a buddy:

I can't wait!! Should be a blast!  Maybe I will come home with some fabulous treasures to share with you!
Have a fun weekend!

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  1. I am always changing my mind too. I really like the leather chair in the office, I think it fits perfectly! I can't wait to see what you do with the wicker chair and your room! The secretary is looking so pretty, love the additions! :) Have fun tomorrow!

  2. Love the lighter feel to your room but loving those club chairs!! Have fun at the Junk Salvation! I am really missing Portland these days and would love to have gone to that!!

  3. Hello! I found you through My Romantic Home. I love your blog! Your rooms are so pretty. I love the blues! I'm your newest follower!

    Come visit!


  4. I think we have the same club chair. Tarzhay? Ours is black (clearance sale, baby!) and fits nicely in the corner of our TV room. I think yours works nicely in its new home. :)


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