master bath- breezy curtains and bicycle basket magazine rack

Thank you so much to all of you who read, commented and stopped by over the weekend.  I am so completely overwhelmed with the response!
It's nice to know we're not alone in this journey.

I've been doing my best to visit all of you- especially those who have had questions about blogging.  If I haven't yet, I promise I'm not ignoring you!  I've just never had so many comments before! 

Here's two little projects that have been nagging at me for weeks- so nice to get them done!

On Thursday, the UPS man brought me some much anticipated curtains with the remainder of my gift cards from Pottery Barn.  (thanks again for the awesome giveaway, Mary & Val!!)

The PB Textured Cotton tie top drape. 
They were much more opaque than what I was expecting, but I was actually pretty happy about that because it offers more privacy when they are closed- the bamboo blinds are pretty sheer, and I'm fairly certain we were giving the neighbors a peep show for a couple weeks!

Here is what we had previously (also the original wall color).  Very formal and very red.

I've had this bamboo pole since last fall.  I was able to pick it up at a thrift shop for 25 cents! Such a deal!  I even had to cut off a few inches for it to fit in the space. 
Then, I purchased the Allen and Roth drapery supports from Lowe's for $9.

I really love the finish work that the builder did throughout the house, so it kills me to cover it up, but I do love having the curtain rod higher.
Here's a closer look at the finished window:

I also took out our free standing magazine rack we had in the W.C., and put up the second bicycle basket.  You may remember from my post this past Christmas what I did with the other one.
Since we're doing a more beachy feel to this area, I thought it would be pretty cute and functional.


I was looking for some kind of hook to attach the basket to the wall. 
I knew in my head what I was looking for, but couldn't seem to find it at the hardware store.  I finally settled on using a hasp set.  The pieces in the set were a brass color, and I wanted them to match the basket's galvanized metal.  A quick shot of Krylon's Nickel spray paint, and it was perfect!

I love it! So much cuter and easier to sweep the floor without something I have to move every time.

The bathroom is a slow moving project because of the work and expense involved.  For now, the easiest projects have been completed. (painting, window treatment, accessories!)
Next on the agenda, to be completed ????? (hopefully before the end of the year?) :

  • white hexagon 1" tiles for the floor
  • white Carrera marble tile for the counter tops
  • wide plank bead board for the walls surrounding the sink area and around the tub deck
  • new chrome / nickel light fixtures to replace our bronze color damaged ones
  • chrome /nickel towel holders
  • wall mounted cabinet for extra toiletries in the W.C.
  I was able to purchase some rectangular swivel mirrors at Target on clearance.  We will replace our large wall mirror once the rest of the projects fall into place. 
Here's hoping my inspiration pic will become a reality in our bathroom!


  1. Denise, I love the new curtains and the basket on the wall is a great idea. I'm going to do this!!! = ))))

  2. Love your new window treatments. I've been looking for poles to hang curtains in the sun room. I like how you used the bamboo. It looks perfect with the shade. Hmmm... something to think about. Cute touch with the bike basket. The swiveled mirrors were a great find! Can't wait to see it all put together. :) ~M

  3. Hello,
    I love the bamboo and the curtains. Look so pretty in your bathroom. Thank you for following and posting my giveaway on your FB page. That was so sweet of you!
    Happy Monday!

  4. LOVE the basket to hold your reading material! I've been looking for something just like that!! And love the curtains and bamboo combo-beautiful!!

  5. Saw you at Naps on the Porch. Love the new curtains you put in the bathroom!

  6. I love the new curtains! What a difference!

  7. The bicycle basket is adorable. I love it.

  8. Hi Denise, my first time over here. I love your new bathroom curtain. The idea of the basket on the wall is perfect! I hate moving things off the floor when I'm cleaning the loo!

    Lisa x

  9. Your new curtain look fabulous Denise. I like them so much more than the older red ones. It lightens up the space so much and I love that you hung them on a bambo rod - it's such a great touch of texture.

  10. Really like the new curtain. What a great idea with the bamboo rod! And that bike basket is too cute.

    Loved your "newbie blogger" post. I've had all those same feelings and emotions. Tks for sharing what you've learned :)

  11. I like those curtains! And absolutely LOVE the bicylcel basket. Great idea!!

  12. Love your new curtains mixed with the bamboo, I can see why you were so excited! I hope this week is better for you, thinking of you!
    Kristin the basket in the bathroom too :)

  13. There are so many things I love... some of which are - the bicycle rack!! And, the bamboo rod. Great start! And, those Target mirrors are awesome. I may want some of those. ;)

  14. Love the curtains, they look so soft! Your bathroom is coming along beautifully! I love the basket too, clever idea to hang it! I would LOVE the hexagon floor tiles! That may have to wait a while though! :)

  15. YOur curtains look great and you were smart to hang them up next to the ceiling! I am still waiting for my PB curtains...maybe they are coming soon since you got yours already.

  16. Hi Denise,

    I found your blog through Coastal Charm's party and am so impressed! I can't wait to go through your other posts.

    I'm your newest follower. I'd love it if you came by my new blog. I also posted a Beachy Master Bath this week. :)

    Have a great day.

  17. What a great deal on that bamboo pole! I have been looking for one for a while, but no luck. Love your inspiration photo!

  18. I love the curtain with the bamboo shade. The little basket on the wall is such a cute idea!

  19. Thanks so much for coming to my party with your bamboo rod:) I have never seen anybody but myself do I was very excited to see you use this fun idea...I started using them back in 2004 on some beach condos that I was doing for customers...I love the look of them.


  20. This is so neat! I love the bamboo rod and the blinds. I know you are enjoying your new look!

  21. This is beautiful! Just found your lovely blog via Coastal Charm. I'm your newest follower and would be delighted to have you follow me back. Enjoying browsing around here today!
    Have a great week!

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