looking forward to my new master bath window

I finally did it.
I ordered my review product from CSN stores!
I'm so excited to get it, because it means I won't have the random red curtain in our master bath anymore!

Don't get me wrong, part of me will miss them. 
I made it when our bedroom looked like this:

But now that we have gone with a lighter beachier feel, it doesn't go with anything now.

I'm still not satisfied- it's not complete.  But I think I can finish off everything this year.
(add that to the ever growing list....)
I'm embarrassed that I have the white down comforter sitting at the foot of the bed without a proper duvet cover on it-  but I haven't found what I like yet!  I want a natural linen cover, so I'm keeping my eyes peeled at the moment.

Back to the window.
My order is on it's way, and soon we will have a bamboo Roman shade in it's place.
And then, with the rest of my Pottery Barn gift card, I'm going to get these:

I can hardly wait!  Hopefully I can do the reveal soon!

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!


  1. Love the new look and the Bee pillow is sweet.

  2. The Shabby Chic line at Target has two linen duvet covers. One is oatmeal colored and the other is a blue, not quite robin egg blue it is darker then that but along those lines. I just got the blue one this week and even my husband (who does not notice anything which can be convienient at times!) said he really liked the feel of the new cover! I love your "after" bedroom photos, I can't wait to see the new bath photos!

  3. Love the combination of bamboo roman shades with linen curtains over it! Love your bedroom too :-)


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