CSN review: master bath blinds

It seems like it took forever for me to finally make up my mind, but I did, and here's what I got!

Since we have slowly been making over our master bath, we decided to add the bamboo roman shades to the window.  We use these same shades in most of the main living areas through out our home.  This replaces the red curtains we had in here before. 
CSN Stores contacted me shortly before Christmas and asked if I'd be interested in doing a product review.  Yes!

Once I'd finally made up my mind, the order went through quickly.  It shipped within 24 hours of me placing the order, which I love.  Don't you hate it when you order something online, and 3 days later they send an email saying it finally shipped??! 
It also arrived quickly, and was packaged well. 
The great thing about the blinds is that the size fit perfectly in our window.  Some of our other bamboo shades had to be cut to fit.  (technically you're not supposed to do that, but we did anyway!)
 Super easy to install, and now we have a sleeker, beachier look to our window. 

Here's what they look like closed:

They give a sheer look, but still a bit of privacy.

I've ordered some curtains from PB, but they are on back order until the beginning of March.

All said, it was a very easy ordering process, the price was great, and the shipping was smooth and relatively quick from the time I placed my order.
If you are new to CSN stores like me, you can check them out here.

I already have my eye on my next purchase from them....

Thanks CSN Stores for letting me try you out!


  1. It looks nice, and it makes a good shade for the room. I also placed a curtain order at PB and have a march delivery date..wonder if we ordered the same items? Were yours smocked?

  2. What a great idea....just found you...love your sweet blog. Happy Friday. xo


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