craft room update

Tuesday was a fairly productive day in getting things done, but it's still a ways off from being finished.  Here's a few photos to show you the progress:

I added some additional shelving to my wall: rid of an entire bin of fabric I haven't used in a long time and
folded and color coordinated all of the fabrics I'm keeping.

I was able to pick up some pretty jars for storage from Goodwill the other night.  I'm looking for clear or milk glass.
I got my sewing area bit more tidy.  This spot wasn't too bad to begin with, I am just anxious to get a skirt on it to make it look better.

I haven't been able to clear off my work table yet, but once I get some more done in the storage department, it will be much better.  Here's the plan so you can see where I'm headed:

I went up to Portland today to return some stuff to Ikea, and while I was there I picked up some task lighting for over the work table area.  I'm excited about it.  Inexpensive, very modern, it will look really neat with everything else.  I also stopped in at Fabric Depot- my first job when we were newlyweds 19 years ago!- and got some super-de-duper cute shabby chic fabric.  It's in the wash now so I can get going on curtains and a table skirt!

A pegboard is on it's way.  I'm going to stop down at the bargain lumber yard and pick up a piece for cheap.  I have a frame that I'm not using anymore, so I'm going to paint it white and use it to frame out the pegboard.

Finally, I picked up this gun rack at GW for $3.99.  Can't wait to get it up and put it to use!  I'll show you soon what I plan to do with it!

Hope you are having a great day!  I'm off to work on the room!


  1. Ooh you have me very curious with the gun rack! :) I can't wait to see things as they progress, it looks great so far!

  2. My craft room is a constant wreck. I'm looking forward to seeing how you organize yours.

  3. I loved the progress report! I want to see that shabby chic fabric for sure. It feels so good to get it all organized, doesn't it? Great work!

  4. Get on with it girl and show us the finished room! I am excited to see the shabby chic curtains and skirt!

  5. I love how the fabrics are color-organized! That sort of move is right up my alley! (you should see my closet ;). Can't wait to see the finished product!

  6. Your craft room is looking awsome - my FAVORITE thing in there right now is the red flower painting - I love it! Looks like you are having fun getting organizized - that's what my girls like to call it.

  7. Sounds like everything is coming together. I can't wait to see the finished product. What will that gun rack be...hmmmm???? :)


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