anthropologie bridal line

If you get updates from Anthropologie like me, then you probably got this amazing little notice in your inbox-
they are unveiling (no pun intended) their new bridal line!!


(If you don't get it- add in some vowels and think along the lines of romance...)

Why did I get married 19 years ago???!
(just kidding- I'd just like to do it again- but with this option!)

I can hardly wait! The little teaser that they sent out was stunning.  I'd definitely be looking at their dresses if I was a bride to be.  They will be carrying everything from shoes, accessories, dresses, invites....
if you'd like to see the teaser, click here.
Make sure you have your volume on- the music is sweet.

Here's some of the info I got in my inbox as well.

Big reveal from Anthro is February 14 ♥.  Perfect!

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  1. now i am going to have to get married all over again!! ;)
    i bet the dresses will be amazing!


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