anthropologie bridal line- now open!

I blogged on this just a wee bit ago, and it's rare that I put up two posts in one day, but I couldn't help myself!

The Anthropologie bridal line launched today!
I'm already married, but I do love taking quizzes, and if I were getting married I wanted to see what type of bride I was....
Not a huge shocker!

Nostalgic Romantic
Yep, that's me.

Here's a yummy dress that I would so pick right now if I were engaged, and my style summary:

You can take your own style quiz here

Let me know what kind of bride you are/would be!

So fun!


  1. Oh fun! I am a Lady with a Twist!! Makes me want to get married again! (to the same man of course! :) )

  2. I took the quiz and Im the same as you! Love love love all of the dresses!!!



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