weekend finds and projects

It was a busy weekend creating more fun signs and finding some great stuff!

I finally finished this sign-

And then had some really beautiful weather yesterday to finally start working on some of my bigger pieces!

I purchased a twin bed frame set a couple weeks ago, and got it sanded and primed.  Here's the before of the foot board:

The knobs were missing on both pieces, so I added those on, and was pretty happy that they fit in so nicely.

Hannah was very interested in the power tools
(yaaay!! A girl after my own heart!)
so I let her have a go at using the palm sander.  She did a great job.
Hmmmm.....maybe a mom and daughter business down the road???

I didn't quite get to my chairs yet- but I picked this one up over the weekend.  The price was a steal!
The chair cover is even kind of cute, but my plan is to redo both seats in the same fabric. 
(you can also see the coffee table in the background- the top is primed.
This was the piece I got before Christmas.  Can't wait for this guy to be ready!)

My other thrifty finds over the weekend.  I picked up this great little trophy goblet. 
The inscription reads:
Hi 'B'
1st Place '77
love it!! 
I know all of you silver enthusiasts are cringing over the Tarn X.  But I love this stuff.  I remember watching the commercial as a little girl and just being utterly fascinated with how she cleaned the silver!
And you can just dip a coin in it and it's all shiny!!!

This stuff smells really bad- like perm solution.  And after reading the directions, I am shocked that the lady in the commercial wasn't wearing any protective hand gear.  Yikes!
I have to say I also really liked the pitch lady.  Her little Southern lilt was hypnotizing.

Here's the commercial in all of it's 1970's glory:


Anyway, here's the polished up version of my piece:

And just a little sneak peek at some soon to be listed Etsy items:
vintage mirror- marble base, with daisy shaft

United States Senate pewter cup

night stand carafe and etched glass

And finally, my Market and French bakery sign that is nearly done.  I still have some embellishing and distressing to do, but it should be finished up later today!
I love weekends!!

I hope you'll join me this Wednesday for my first linky party and show all of your transformations and treasures!
Have a great Monday!

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  1. What a fabulous sign and the colors are perfect. It's amazing how much we can get done when the sun comes out. I had my son sand a table top for me last week, but he sure wasn't smiling. What a great helper you have. I'm looking forward to linking up to your first partaay!

  2. Hi Denise (which happens to be my middle name)!

    I'm so glad I found your blog on The Graphics Fairy Brag Monday this week. When I read your About Me, I felt like I'd met a kindred spirit. I look forward to reading/seeing more. ~ Robyn

  3. I can't wait to see the finished headboard and the chair and the coffee table! You were quite busy last weekend!

  4. Wow, you have a lot going on! I love the shape and size of the round coffee table! I haven't seen Tarn-X in years. I remember that commercial...lol! The trophy goblet looks like new! Great find! Have fun working on the other pieces!
    ~Michelle :)

  5. I like those signs. Esp. "boulangerie" - it reminds me of all the time I've spent in France and Belgium. Nice job!

  6. Love your blog-found you at French Country Cottage and now I'm your newest follower-stop by for a visit! Claire

  7. Hey Denise~~ LOVE your finds! The trophy goblet is such a great piece- it looks fantastic all shiny and pretty! The round table and chair are going to be gorgeous- and you know I love those signs! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :) Hugs, Courtney


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