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I am still working away on the office makeover.  I hit a slight hiccup in the shelves, so I'm a day behind, but I am hoping to show you tomorrow what I've been up to.

I've recently gotten some pretty neat stuff from various sources, here's a sneak peak!

This awesome wicker chair came from one of my sister in laws! 
We helped them pack to move last week, and she offered it to me.
I'm considering it in our living room......not sure yet, but a new seat cover will be in the works.

I also picked up this wall hanging.  I like all the curves and dogwood flowers on it. 
It will be getting a coat of shabby white paint.

My last bit of money I made from the Holiday Heritage Faire went towards the purchase of this chair.  It is a solid piece, built in 1937.  It has the original manufacturer's tags on it.
I can't wait to refinish and reupholster it! The simple lines are fabulous.

I thought I'd share a little bit of personal trivia today- I may regret this, but what the heck.

Hi.  I'm Denise. 

To start off the new year I thought we'd play the 20 interesting facts game. 
(I yi yi.)

So here goes:

1. I would love to own a VW Karmann Ghia someday. 
I've wanted one ever since I saw the movie "Pretty in Pink".  Convertible, in white pearl, please.

2. My high school graduating class had 56 kids.

3. I. Hate. Mushrooms. 
Don't try and hide them in my food because I will hunt them down and pick them out bit by bit!

4. One of my proudest achievements was graduating from college.  One of my aunts thought it was a shame I was getting married mid-college career "because I'd never finish".  That made me so mad I set out to prove her wrong!
I have a B.S. in Psychology.
And no, the B.S. doesn't stand for that- it's Bachelor of Science.

5. I love gelatto.

6. I have grown up in the same town for 36 of my 38 years- the only time I lived somewhere else was LA in college.

7. My two very favorite restaurants are Oswego Boathouse in Lake Oswego, Oregon; and the Burger Continental in Pasadena on Lake Avenue.  
The first I love because they have great NW food- you can sit and eat bistro style on the lake, surrounded by million dollar homes.  The second place has a huge menu of Middle Eastern (mostly Armenian) food; belly dancing and live music on the weekends, and you can usually spot a celebrity or two whenever you go.  Their baklava is heaven.

8. I was on vacation in Las Vegas, driving to Palm Desert in 2003, when I witnessed my husband and two friends get hit by another car- the SUV we had rented flipped 3 1/2 times and landed on it's roof. I wasn't in the same car- the other two wives and myself were a couple cars behind.
 I didn't know I could scream like that.
My husband travels every day in his car for work, and I daily say a prayer for him to come home safely.

9. I am slightly superstitious.

10. I'm a hat girl.  I don't have a ton, but I can pull them off pretty well, and I like wearing them here and there.

11. I never thought I'd be the mom of an only child, but I am eternally grateful I get to be a mom!

12.  I love dance.  One of my favorite shows is "So You Think You Can Dance". 
I also get very emotional watching the ballet.

13. I am a big Anglophile.  I "get" British humor, love the royals, listen to BBC Radio 1 periodically, and recently found out that my great grandparents were from England.

14. I am one of the few people in the world who likes the smell of patchouli.

15. In high school, I took French, because I wanted to be a fashion designer.

16.  I have a weird phobia of raised brick hearths.  Every time I see one in someone's home, I cringe and run my tongue over my teeth because I envision myself falling and knocking my teeth out in a bloody mess.
It's weird.  I know.

17. If you are ever in a game of 80's music trivia, you want me on your team. 
Especially if we're talkin' New Wave!

18. I would love someday to go to England and spend an afternoon falconing.
(that's where a hawk or owl or some other hunting bird perches on your arm and you send them off to fetch it's prey and come back to you.)

19. If a movie of my life were made, I want Kate Winslet to play me!  :)
I loved her character in "The Holiday".  I could relate.

20.  I am a big Zumba fanatic!  (See #12...)
If you've never heard of it you can watch a video here to see a sampling of what it is.  Basically it's a high impact aerobics class that combines hip hop, Latin, Bollywood, and belly dance moves.  The music is loud, fun, and I look forward to going every chance I get!
You can find me there every Monday and Wednesday morning!!
I also enjoy a class at our gym called Centergy, it's a combination yoga/pilates class that reminds me a bit of my ballet days.  It's great for my mental well being as well as staving off a chronic back problem.

So there ya go!  Everything you didn't want to know about the author of Pinkpostcard!

Happy Monday!
(and yes, now I'm headed off to Zumba.)

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  1. Denise, Love this post and getting to know you better!! = )

  2. First, I love the wicker chair. I would probably paint it. Second, "The Holiday" is one of my favorite movies, too. And, finally, it's a great post so no regrets. Nice to get to know who you blog with! Fun!

    Take care! ~Michelle

  3. I loved reading your list. I'm a big Anglophile, too!

    As for raised brick hearths...I don't think your phobia is weird. When I was about five I fell off a chair onto a brick hearth and damaged one of my front teeth. It didn't get knocked out, but the fall basically killed the nerve. My poor front tooth turned brown! Since it was a baby tooth, we just had to wait for it to fall out on its own. Made for some unattractive photos when I was a kid! I don't think your fear is strange at all LOL!

  4. Love your finds! That wicker chair is beautiful! I LOVED reading your list! I had to giggle because I had a friend who hated mushrooms too and she just told everyone that she was allergic to them! :) It is so nice to get to know you a bit more and I totally get the hearth thing! :)

    Have fun at Zumba!!

  5. Fun to get to know you better, Denise. My sister had a yellow carmanghia...she won it on the "Price is Right" show! It was a convertible too!

  6. This was such a fun post! I have heard so many people talk about Zumba- I really need to try it!

    xo- Carmel

  7. #8
    I do this too! Every single day... "please drive safe"
    Wait till your child starts to drive...

    #16 I won;t invite you over. and thanks, I may never look at my living room fireplace the same again! LOL


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