spring flower eye candy

Okay, okay... I know it's the middle of winter right now, but don't you find yourself drawn to the books and pictures of spring color?  With snow storms, dreary rain, and cold, it kind of makes my heart happy to start thinking about warmth and color.

I am by no means a photographer- either from a hobbyist standpoint or pro (obviously!), but last year I took some photos at a local garden in the hopes I'd use them for some painting projects.  I haven't painted, but I did have a lot of fun taking these!

These were all taken at Shriner's Iris Gardens in Brooks, Oregon.
Brooks is a neighboring small town to Keizer, which hosts an annual Iris Festival every year in May.
The farm is right next to I-5, so so when you travel the freeway during bloom season it is just a mass carpeting of color.

Purple Bearded Iris- I wish I knew the specific name for this color, but I don't.

I was lucky enough that my camera was able to snap this before Mr. Bee flew off!
Lupine- such a gorgeous flower.

Look familiar?  Now you know where this one came from!
There are several spots around the garden with brightly painted Adirondack chairs to view the garden.
I love the old sign in the background.

A pale white and yellow Columbine.  I love these.  So easy to grow and very tall.  We were fortunate to have several of these at our last house.  I'd really like to plant some more.

Red poppies!  Or at least one, and several more waiting to bloom. I always think of the Wizard of Oz when I see these.  :)

I think these were a type of Allium. I just love seeing these planted in masses.

I have no idea what kind of tree this is, but it was really different!! The blooms (?) almost looked like little floating islands- See?...

I couldn't resist getting a close up of this pink Rhododendron flower. These are native to Oregon and always produce such pretty flowers.  I think a lot of people in the NW under appreciate these plants!
I thought this would be interesting to paint, but haven't done it yet. 
Today's agenda includes painting several signs, so no flowers on the horizon.

I hope you enjoyed my little garden tour!  Spring is coming!
Despite whatever you may be seeing out your window right now!
Happy Weekend~

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  1. i'm so glad you commented on my blog, because it caused me to come here and fall in love with yours! And you are selling yourself short on the photography thing. You have some nice shots there. I'll make sure I stop by for your Feb 2 party. I think that's Groundhogs day too!

  2. Such a pretty breath of Spring on your blog!

  3. Oooohh! I loved all the pictures, I am so ready for spring! I want to go to those gardens!

  4. I think your pictures are gorgeous. I wish I could find something in bloom around here. Thanks for the spring garden tour, we sure need it with this dreary weather we've been having.

  5. I love all the pictures, you really took some beautiful shots! I can not wait for Spring!

  6. Thanks for the spring preview! Gave me a little taste of Oregon (we're from there but living currently in Texas), which I was missing so much!

  7. Hi Denise, found your blog via Emerald Cove, a favorite of mine. Glad I did, its so wonderful to get a flower fix in mid-winter! I think that lovely little tree is a Pagoda dogwood, but not sure. Cheers, and come visit! Anne

  8. Denise, these photo's are amazing!!! I love the one with the bee on the flower and how cute is the pic of the bench?? = )

  9. Your pictures are so beautiful!! Love that tree, it is gorgeous! Thank you for the taste of Spring and Summer, I needed that! :)


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